Jay Alan Shaffer

Constantly working to improve his skills as a Larkspur (Colorado) Fire Department Volunteer made Jay’s life extra meaningful; he loved helping people in difficult situations–all the time and everywhere. Many co- workers spoke appreciatively about his extreme patience and helpfulness to others‚ and his fine teaching skills.

One of Jay’s co-workers at the Fallen Firemen Memorial said that ‘God was setting up a computer network in heaven so he picked the best person to set it up.’ Maybe Jay served on the welcoming committee for his brave fellow firemen later in 2001.

Jay set up a computer program for servicing of Larkspur Fire Department vehicles‚ and for their depreciation. Repairing something everyone else had given up on gave him special satisfaction. Every piece of mechanical or electrical equipment that didn’t operate correctly was challenging to him; he took special delight in fixing lithe unfixable.’ The Larkspur Fire Department labeled one of the ‘olde’ tanker trucks he fixed ‘In memory of Jay Alan Shaffer‚’ as it was his favorite project.

He was learning to fly a helicopter in 1999‚ and had just legally set up his own Computer Consulting business–all in addition to fulltime work as a computer network consultant for Compac‚ and volunteering as Captain of the Bald Mountain Fire Station in Larkspur‚ Colorado.

Jay spent 6 years in the U.S. Air Force rising to Technical Sergeant‚ and made top grades in special schools the USAF made available. While serving‚ he received the USAF Commendation Medal.