Douglas L. Rohrbaugh

Submitted by his daughter

Douglas was a firefighter for 21 years. The first 15 years he was a fireman and then knee surgery forced him into becoming a firepolice officer. Every year he was involved in getting Windsor Days organized. This was a carnival event that got the community involved. He was also the unofficial historian for the fire house (meaning he cut out articles about the fire houses events). Douglas was the biggest collector of Matchbox cars‚ stamps and railroad trains.

Douglas is survived by his mother‚ two sisters‚ and a brother. He is also survived by three children Gary‚ Angie and Amanda. He has three grandchildren.

My father had a heart of gold. He made sure each person had a smile on their face. No matter where you would be whether it was the grocery store‚ the bank or at the mall‚ someone knew my daddy and he would smile and talk to them. He was such an amazing man. As a child I would always be at the firehouse with my dad. The one moment that forever stays with me is the time he went running out of the house to go to a call and he just got out of the hospital. He went in pain and all‚ but he would never ever miss a call. He always wanted to be sure that people would get home safely. Now he is in a safe place with our Lord.