Eric J. Olson

Eric J. Olson

Eric J. Olson
Submitted by his family and friends

Eric Olson was a family man: devoted husband‚ proud father‚ loving son and brother. He was like family to many who knew him; his easy smile and his eagerness to help cemented relationships and made it seem like you had known him forever.

It was his desire to help others-along with the inspiration of his cousin‚ a career and volunteer firefighter – that led Eric to join the Laury’s Station Volunteer Fire Company‚ where he served as photographer‚ apparatus driver/operator‚ and membership secretary. He had a tremendous amount of respect for the fire service and was proud to serve his community as a firefighter. He died from a heart-related condition the morning after responding to a water rescue call in July 2006. He was 35 years old.

Asked what they remember most about Eric‚ family and friends alike recall that he was a family man‚ a master storyteller‚ and a talented woodworker who was generous with his time and talents; he would help anyone at anytime. Eric also had a keen intelligence and great curiosity that made him a master of trivia. He loved to quiz people and challenge them‚ almost as much as he liked being challenged.

Eric always wore a smile and was typically calm and easygoing‚ as if he had no worries. He was truly mellow and acted as a calming influence to those around him. He also had a great sense of humor. He was happiest when making a joke at your expense or you were making one at his.

Eric’s greatest loves were his wife and daughters. He gladly put his handyman skills to work in making their house a home‚ and he seemed born to be a father. There was no splitting of parental duties‚ only sharing. Often sporting a goatee‚ and by virtue of being 6′ 4’‚ Eric often looked the tough guy. However‚ he was actually the most gentle of men‚ and he was not afraid to read and play with his daughters‚ change their diapers‚ or blow dry their hair. He always made an effort to be home at night to say goodnight to his girls and help tuck them into bed‚ even if it meant leaving a function or meeting a little early.

We lost Eric in the prime of his life‚ and while we will never understand why‚ we have faith that we will see him again someday. Until then‚ his memory lives on through his daughters and the many family and friends who are better people for having known and loved-and been known and loved by-him. His laughter and love will forever ring in our hearts.