Dennis K. Hayes

Dennis K. Hayes

Submitted by his Fire Chief-friend

Denny was with our department 10+ years. He was active in everything from fundraisers to running calls. He spent several years as Truck foreman and done a great job in that position. He was the guy that could put the engine anywhere you wanted it. You never worried when Denny was driving because he always got his crew safely home.

He was a big fan of NASCAR and was planning a trip with his son to the Dover race. He loved to laugh and had a special place in his heart for children. His dog Neco was his little baby. You could always find him walking Neco in the early morning and late in the evening. As we were responding to his last call‚ he told our crew that Neco was going to be mad at him because he didn’t take him for his morning walk.

Denny will be missed by everyone at our station and we will always remember him spending time with us around the station.

Submitted by a Friend

Denny was in the fire service for 10 years. He was active with the fire company and was a retired truck driver. He loved his dog Nikko and his family