Anthony T. Catania

Anthony T. Catania

Submitted by his Family

Safety Officer‚ Ex-Chief‚ and Commissioner Anthony Catania suffered a cerebral vascular incident while responding to an EMS alarm.

Anthony was a devoted husband‚ father‚ grandfather‚ friend‚ community member‚ and member of the Middle Island Volunteer Fire Department on Long Island. He also served with the American Red Cross Meals on Wheels program. After serving in the Marines‚ he had a prestigious career at the State Bank of Long Island‚ where he climbed the corporate ladder to become the vice president before he retired.

Anthony transferred from North Massapequa Volunteer Fire Department to Middle Island Volunteer Fire Department in 1997‚ when he and his wife‚ Dorothy‚ moved to the Middle Island Fire District. Since joining the department‚ he has held such positions as Department Fund Drive Chairman‚ Department Blood Drive Chairman‚ Department Scholarship Committee Chairman‚ Eagle Company 1 Secretary and Treasurer‚ Class A Firefighter‚ Safety Officer‚ Department Trustee (1998-2000)‚ and Fire District Commissioner (2001-2007).

Anthony served in the North Massapequa Volunteer Fire Department from 1969 to 1997. During his tenure‚ he became deputy chief in 1981 and chief of the department in 1988. Anthony was also an EMT for the department.

Anthony’s compassion for helping others is a gift that will always keep on giving. He would always be the first person on all lists to sign up when any department company or committee needed help. He would assist any member in need with personal or fire department issues. His kind and generous personality would lift spirits throughout the department and the community.

Not only was Anthony an exemplary fireman‚ but he served as an example to us all when it came to his family. He always spoke wonderful of his loving wife‚ Dorothy; his three children‚ Lisa‚ Donna‚ and Luke; and his four grandchildren‚ Marissa‚ Christopher‚ Luke Anthony‚ and Aidan. There was nothing that Anthony would not do for them‚ and they always came first. He also had a great passion for animals. He was kind and gentle to every creature. He would loyally feed the local cats at his back door and‚ during the winter months‚ shovel a path out from his back door for the cats.

Anthony’s unselfish and enthusiastic attitude was one that inspired everyone around him. His kind heart and loving personality will forever be in our hearts.