Kevin Glenn Williams

Kevin Glenn Williams

Submitted by his Sister

Kevin Glenn Williams
Noonday Volunteer Fire Department – Texas
Classification: Volunteer
Rank: Captain
Date of Death: August 3‚ 2007
Age: 42

It took a year to get Kevin to attend a meeting at the Noonday Volunteer Fire Department. After one meeting‚ Kevin knew fire fighting was his calling. Kevin joined the fire department in January of 2006 and was voted Rookie of the Year. In 2007‚ he made Captain. He was so proud and honored to be given this responsibility. He had found his niche and liked helping those in crisis.

On August 3‚ 2007‚ Kevin responded to a house fire. Once the fire was extinguished‚ Kevin and his partner and friend‚ Austin Cheek‚ entered the home to put out the ‘hot spots.’ A routine procedure became a disaster when an unexpected flashover occurred taking the lives of our Kevin and Austin.

Kevin was the father of two children. His son‚ LCpl Schyler Williams‚ is a United States Marine currently serving his second tour of duty in Iraq. His daughter‚ Amanda‚ is a freshman in college pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice. His four-footed third child‚ Lucky Dog‚ currently resides with me. Kevin also left behind his mom and dad‚ two older brothers‚ and me – his younger sister. In addition to his family‚ he left behind many‚ many‚ friends and loved ones. Kevin had a strong faith in God and currently resides with his Heavenly Father.

Kevin is best remembered for his eagerness and enthusiasm when responding to a call. His adrenaline always caused him to pass right by the fire department; he was often observed hitting the brakes‚ throwing the truck into reverse and backing up to the fire department driveway. He was also known for his perpetual singing and humming. His happiness was contagious to all those around him. He worked many hours at the fire department on fund-raisers such as building the annual Haunted House as well as setting up for the NVFD Open House. He was always outside during the Open House letting children hold the fire hose and he demonstrated the use of the Jaws of Life for those in attendance. Kevin was always eager and willing to help not only at fire station activities but those in need as well. He would quite literally give you the shirt off of his back. That was Kevin. A man of integrity who loved others more than himself – he loved his country‚ having served in Operation Desert Storm in the Air Force‚ his family‚ and most importantly‚ his Lord.

I will never forget the morning my parents came to tell me my brother was gone. I always thought my brother‚ my best friend ever‚ would be here to grow old with me. My father is quoted as saying‚ ‘You never think anything will ever happen to your kid. It never occurred to me that he would go into a fire and never come out.’ Kevin is greatly missed by his family and friends. We are left with our memories and thankfulness to the Lord for the time we had with him and for the many ways he touched each of our lives.

Austin Hague Cheek

Austin Hague Cheek

Austin discovered his passion for firefighting by accident. Seeing a neighbor’s land blazing‚ he rushed to help. After the volunteer fire department arrived‚ he was able to assist them in getting the fire under control and when it was time for them to go back to their station; they invited Austin to come join them for their weekly meeting. After that night‚ there was no looking back‚ he was hooked. He knew without a doubt that he was going to spend the rest of his life as a firefighter.

During the short year that he served with the Noonday Volunteer Fire Department‚ Austin’s passion grew. He worked alongside seasoned firefighters and first responders‚ participating in vehicle extrications‚ fighting structure and grass fires‚ and planning his future. Because of his background in scuba diving‚ he intended to become certified in rescue diving so that he could use his skills to save lives in more ways than one. His mother Tracey Bales recalls that during their last conversation‚ she saw the light in his eyes and the true excitement in his face as he talked about going to school and becoming a career firefighter. He was on his way to the fire station and couldn’t wait to get there. During the early morning hours of August 3‚ 2007‚ Austin entered a house that was fully engulfed in flames‚ alongside his captain‚ Kevin Williams. It was there that they died‚ side by side.

Austin is remembered for his winning smile‚ his great sense of humor‚ and his strong handshake. Many have talked about their first impression of Austin as he firmly gripped their hand and looked them in the eye as he introduced himself. They could always see how genuine he was. He loved all of his parents‚ his sister and brothers‚ and his fiancee; T.J. He loved children‚ he loved firefighting‚ and he loved his friends. But more than anything or anyone‚ Austin loved Jesus Christ‚ and he had no problem sharing his faith with others.

Although he is missed terribly by his parents‚ grandparents‚ siblings‚ nieces‚ aunts‚ uncles‚ cousins and many friends‚ we realize that‚ although Austin’s time with us was brief‚ it was a true gift from God. His life started as a miracle‚ as his family had waited so long and prayed so hard for him. Even though those of us who loved him the most saw him as a boy‚ the world saw the real man that he became.