Vincent R. Neglia

Vincent R. Neglia

Submitted by his Ex-Wife

Firefighter Neglia was a 23 year veteran of the North Hudson Regional Fire Rescue agency. He loved his career and spoke highly of being a firefighter. He was proud of what he did and enjoyed serving his community.

He died in the line of duty while trying to evacuate a burning building on September 9‚ 2006 – only days from the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center where he served in the rescue efforts of trying to find survivors of that horrible day.

He enjoyed listening to the Rolling Stones-his favorite rock band‚ riding motocyles‚ Bear Mountain in upstate NY‚ and was known for his famous expression ‘Get Smart’. He will be truly missed.

He was a wonderful and devoted firefighter‚ had received many accolades and died a Hero – serving his community – the community where he was born and raised.