Michael J. Kilpatrick

Michael J. Kilpatrick

Submitted by his wife

Born: July 25‚ 1946
Died: October 7‚ 2004

Mike served in the U.S. Air Force from 1966 – 1970. While in the Air Force‚ he trained and served as a fireman at Lakenheath Air Force Base in England for three years. For two of those three years‚ he was a rescue fireman on helicopters.

While in the Air Force‚ he married Marjorie (Fleming) Kilpatrick. Our first daughter‚ Kristine was born in England.

After leaving the Air Force‚ Mike and Marge settled down in North Lake‚ Wisconsin‚ and Mike went to work for Waukesha County. Within two years of joining Waukesha County‚ he became a Golf Course Superintendent. He was the superintendent for Moor Downs Golf Course‚ Wanaki Golf Course‚ and he ended his career at Naga-Waukee Golf Course.

Mike joined the North Lake Volunteer Fire Department in 1971. He became the Assistant Fire Chief in 1973. For 8 years he was the fire department treasurer.

Mike and I had another daughter‚ Tricia‚ and son‚ Chuck‚ during our 37 years of marriage. We enjoyed raising our two daughters and son and now enjoy our three grandchildren. In fact‚ Mike babysat for our newest granddaughter once a week. He watched her the day before he died.

Mike retired from Waukesha County‚ January 3‚ 2004. He enjoyed his retirement immensely. He had more time to help out around the fire department‚ to do gardening‚ and to enjoy his family. We also loved to travel. In fact‚ we were supposed to leave on a cruise two days after he died.

As for the fire department‚ he was very involved on a committee to buy a new fire truck. Since he was retired he could devote more time to getting everything they wanted and needed in this new truck.

Mike had his two knees replaced on October 14‚ 2003‚ and was so happy that he could get around without pain. He was really enjoying life.

On the day Mike left us‚ he was on standby at the Stone Bank Fire Department along with Terry Stapleton‚ the fire chief and other North Lake Firemen. Stone Bank was at a huge fire that destroyed a condominium complex being constructed. Mike was talking to the chief when he slumped over. The EMT’s were right there and did everything that they could to revive him‚ but they couldn’t save him. The autopsy stated that it was cardiac arrhythmia.

Mike was loved and respected by many people and is missed by everyone.