Daryl W. Mutton

Daryl W. Mutton

Submitted by his Wife

Daryl was a unique person. His laughter was very distinctive and there was no doubt that he was present when you heard it. He loved a good joke especially when it was on one of his fellow firefighters. He enjoyed his time spent serving his community as a volunteer firefighter.

When Daryl was able to respond to emergency calls before his physical condition limited his duties‚ it was very hard as Captain John Dobbins knows well‚ to beat Daryl to the drivers seat. All the guys thought that Daryl slept with his clothes on and radio tucked under his pillow. But I assured them he did not.

Daryl was always one of the first ones to respond to an emergency call. The guys said they could always rely on Daryl to be there no matter what time the call came in. He would get up in the middle of the night for a call then come home and get ready to go to his day job. I think he did this because he thought it was his responsibility to do so.

Chief Randy Blakey stated that he had the privilege to work close with Daryl over the past year of his life after he became medically retired from work. Daryl wanted to stay active in some capacity and continue to contribute to the department and his community. Their ISO evaluation would not have gone as smoothly and been as successful if not for Daryl’s many hours of help.

Even though Daryl loved his fire department and was proud to serve his community‚ he would want to be remembered as a devoted son‚ husband and father. When I married Daryl in 1981‚ he also got 3 bonus children – Russell‚ Kenneth and Crystal. Daryl loved and accepted them as his own. I think Daryl’s proudest moments were when his daughter Michelle was born and when Russell graduated from high school. Even though Russell’s last name was not Mutton‚ Russell had his name listed as Russell Craig Taylor Mutton. It was one of Daryl’s greatest moments as Russell’s dad.

Michelle wrote her dad a letter when he passed and would like to include it.

There are so many words that could express how I fell about my father. But in a way it’s like he never left my side. I know in a way I have to let him go but all the love I have for him will stay with me forever. I could never forget the wonderful thing he did for me my 17 year of life. He was always there for me when I needed him most. I never told him that he was my hero for what he enjoyed doing most. He was the man who could do anything. I think of my dad like superman a man who could never get sick or hurt. I never got the chance to tell him how much I loved him. So I see this as the chance to let him know how much I truly loved him. I could never forget the man I called my hero and my father no matter what happens over the years.

Written by Michelle Mutton