Kevin J. Bristol

Kevin John Bristol was born, raised, worked, and died in Peekskill, New York. He was the fourth child of Owen and Joan, has one brother, and three sisters—Colleen, Maureen, and Chrissy. He was a man of great stature; only greater than his height was his heart. If you ask anyone in his local union 2343, all would say what a fair, loving person Kevin was.

He volunteered at the very department where he became a career man, just like his dad. He was a member of the PHS swim team, coaching after graduation. He was the kicker for the PHS football team. He studied at Texas Tech University, where he was a punter for the Red Raiders. He also served our nation as a corpsman for the Naval Reserves.

He received many accolades professionally, but his greatest accomplishments in my eyes are that of best friend, husband, dad, and papa. He loved all of us; none of his other titles mattered. He made me feel loved and special each and every day. He was a mentor to many, especially our son, Brian. He was so proud of Brian and his accomplishments, his wife, Dana, and our grandson, Alex. We totally enjoyed our time spent in New York City and our vacations together. Alex loved when Papa Kev Kev would make the popping sound with his mouth. Fishing became Papa Kevin’s favorite activity with our grandson, Owen. Looking forward to our road trips to Huntersville became a way of life.

Family vacations and occasions were so important to Kevin. Spending time with Patti, Skip, Meredith, Rich, Michael, Abi, Jeff, Ali, Evan, Dave, and Lin made these times all the more special. Along with Mary, Dommie, Krystel, Bob, Eva, and Bobby—we all shared our lives together!

Whether he was at the firehouse or painting, Kevin loved his work. He truly enjoyed his trips with the guys. They traveled to so many different cities to watch the Yankees win (lose).

What wonderful memories of a truly extraordinary, unselfish, and giving man!

Until we meet again, my love…