Robert E. Woolf

Robert E. Woolf

Submitted by his wife

Bob became a volunteer firefighter in 1968 and later an EMT for the Phillipsburg Fire Department in Phillipsburg‚ Ohio. In 1985‚ he became Fire Chief and served in that capacity for 13 years. Later he stepped down as Chief‚ but still remained on the department as a firefighter until his death on August 25‚ 2005. He truly loved the department and everything that was connected to it. He was a very caring‚ thoughtful and helpful man. Everyone in the community knew they could call his home 24/7 and he would try to help them with whatever their needs might be. He served on the Phillipsburg Village Council‚ Emmanuel Lutheran Church Council‚ Indianapolis Motor Speedway and many other various activities. He received many awards during his career.

He owned an insurance agency. Once again‚ people knew they could count on him anytime to help with their problems or concerns. The day after 9/11‚ he left with one of his sons who were associated with Box 21‚ a unit out of Dayton‚ Ohio‚ for New York City. He worked on Ground Zero‚ doing all he could to help those in need.

He was a wonderful husband‚ father of three sons‚ and grandfather to six grandchildren. He meant a lot to family‚ friends and the community. He had 1‚000 people come to pay their respects to him at his visitation‚ which lasted nine hours. He never wanted any recognition‚ and he would have been very humbled if he knew what was done for him after his death.

He lost his life while helping with the department annual fundraiser. He was on the tailgate of the truck when the cables broke and he fell‚ striking his head on the road. The day started happy‚ but ended in tragedy. His two sons‚ that are still on the department‚ one as Fire Chief‚ will continue to do their father’s work.

Family of Robert Woolf – DaOnne – wife; sons & daughters-in-law – Doug & Cathy‚ Steve & Laura and Jeff & Kim; six grandchildren – Todd‚ John‚ Nick‚ Maggie‚ Alex and Kayla.