Rickey S. Morris

Rickey S. Morris

Submitted by his family

Rickey S. Morris
City of Sedalia Fire Department – Missouri
Classification: Career
Rank: Firefighter
Date of Death: April 17‚ 2008
Age: 54

June 21‚ 1953 – April 17‚ 2008

Rick Morris was critically injured April 8‚ 2008‚ in an apparent flashover while fighting a house fire. He was airlifted to the University of Missouri Hospital in Columbia. He died from his injuries on April 17‚ 2008.

Rick was the son of Leo L. and Frances J. Morris. On September 15‚ 1979‚ he was married to Mary Lou Morris. He is also survived by his four children‚ Nathan Andrew‚ Christine Lynn‚ Ryan Joseph‚ and Timothy Logan Morris.

Rick served as a firefighter for 33 years and received a Valor Award from the Sedalia Fire Department on July 28‚ 2004. Rick loved Sedalia and loved the firefighters. He was well known by local school children as ‘Fireman Rick.’

In addition to his career as a firefighter‚ Rick worked a second full-time job to support his family. He was a proud family man and always wanted the best for his children. He was always there to fix things for his family and friends. He took pride in the academic successes of his children and in their activities.

Rick was a man who loved his family‚ had a meticulous nature‚ and enjoyed being in a crowd. He loved to travel‚ ride his motorcycle‚ go boating‚ and play golf. He had held a private pilot’s license since 1984.

In Rick’s eulogy‚ his brother-in-law‚ Mike Ziesel‚ referred to the poem ‘The Dash’ by Linda Ellis. It says that what matters the most in life is the way people live between their birth and death. Rick loved life and was always there for his family and friends.

‘Rick spent his dash on this earth as a friend and as a family man and is truly missed‚’ said Mike Ziesel.

Mayor Bob Wasson said‚ ‘Rick Morris was a dedicated professional who touched the lives of many people‚ not only on the job but as a member of our community‚ during his long career with the Sedalia Fire Department. Rick will be missed by his fellow firefighters‚ and the City of Sedalia.’

Submitted by the MO LAST team

Rickey Morris served with the City of Sedalia Fire Department and was a member of Local 823.