Roger William Dean III

Roger William Dean III

Roger William Dean III had a call for service ever since he was born. His dad was assistant fire chief and a police officer. His mom was a paramedic and later a trauma nurse. He spent almost every day of his childhood in a fire station. His dad told him at a young age that we all owe something to our country and community; it is our duty to serve others. Roger knew God put him on earth to be a firefighter/ paramedic to help others in a critical time in their life.

He started his career as a paramedic at Legacy EMS and then Lockhart EMS before joining Buda Fire Department. There he continued his training and received his firefighter certification. Roger did not stop his training there. He continued to receive several certifications throughout his career, including fire apparatus operator, HAZMAT technician, and Officer 1&2 certifications. He found avenues to advise and educate his fellow firefighters in medicine to improve their skills as emergency medical services providers.

In 2018, Roger found a home at Seguin Fire Department. When he moved to Seguin, the fire chief and other firefighters quickly figured out that Roger was exceptional. He was always passionate about his community, his career, educating others in medicine and fire, and helping others in times of need. After only one year at Seguin, Roger was promoted to field training officer. He did not take this role lightly. He did more than just train new employees; he took every opportunity to train his firefighters on new medicines and new techniques in the fire service. He wanted his team and department to be ready for any call and any cry for help from the community.

On December 20, 2020, Roger ran a call on a COVID patient in respiratory distress. He had all the protective gear on and followed all of his training and COVID protocols. While intubating the patient, Roger contracted COVID. Roger became ill and was hospitalized in January of 2021. While in the hospital, he told the nurses that when he got better he was going to dedicate his life to help others that fall ill from COVID. Unfortunately, Roger passed away on April 23, 2021, due to complications from COVID.

Roger dedicated his life to not only firefighting and the world of medicine, but also the communities he served. Every person that worked with Roger gained more knowledge and experience to improve their communities. Roger’s family is secure in knowing that Roger’s legacy of education and training will live on in the lives of all the firefighters and paramedics he touched.