David E. Remington Sr.

David E. Remington Sr.

David‚ known as ‘Remi‚’ passed away tragically while responding to an emergency call on January 3‚ 2011. He was born April 23‚ 1952‚ to Shirley and Henry Remington. David lived most of his life in South Portland‚ Maine‚ before moving to Acton‚ Maine‚ in 2003.

All his life he wanted to become a firefighter‚ and he was honored to serve on the Portland Fire Department for ten years. He was stationed in many stations as a driver and spent most of his years driving for Bramhall‚ Central‚ and Munjoy Hill. He loved driving the tiller truck at Bramhall.

Upon moving to Acton‚ Dave joined the Shapleigh Volunteer Fire-Rescue Department. He helped out anyway he could‚ whether it was driving the rescue‚ directing traffic‚ or becoming the head of fire prevention. David would drop everything he was doing and responded to every call he heard. He made it his top priority to help those in need. He thoroughly enjoyed everything about the fire department‚ which he called ‘The Brotherhood of Brothers.’

In 1975‚ David married Lurene. Lurene and David were always together and were married for 36 wonderful years. They were the best of friends and enjoying their lives. In 1975 they had a wonderful son‚ David Jr. David was so happy to have a son. He was the pride of his life. David took David Jr. in to see the fire trucks many times‚ and he couldn’t wait to buy him his toy fire truck.

Highlights in David’s life included buying his son his first car‚ watching him graduate‚ and attending David Jr’s wedding to Maria. He also enjoyed the trip he took with Lurene to Disney World in December 2010. This was their first trip and plane ride. One of David’s biggest joys was his grandson‚ Anthony. He was so excited when Anthony was born and was always giving him kisses. Maria and Dave Jr. have since had a beautiful daughter‚ Josie. Though Dave isn’t with us here‚ we know he was smiling when she was born.

David spent a lot of time with his brother‚ Hank. They had a lot of fun playing paintball with Dave Jr. and Hank’s son‚ Marc. They also loved to go camping and boating with the family.

David will be forever in our hearts. He is deeply missed by Lurene‚ Dave Jr.‚ Maria‚ and Anthony‚ as well as his brother‚ Hank‚ and wife‚ Patti; his mother‚ Shirley; sisters-in-law‚ Heidi and Julie‚ and brother-in-law‚ Chet. His nephew‚ Marc‚ and niece‚ Becky‚ also miss him dearly.

We love him more than all the stars in the sky. He will always be our hero.