John W. Adams

John W. Adams

John W. Adams was born in Oklahoma City on October 8‚ 1963‚ to Arther and Katie Adams. His parents brought him home to Sand Springs‚ Oklahoma‚ where he attended school and graduated from Charles Page High in 1982. During his school years he enjoyed his time with his many friends‚ playing in the band and going to competitions.

John lost his dad when he was only 10 years old. He helped his mother by going to work as a salesman at the age of 16. John was never one to leave any job undone‚ whether it was taking care of his family or his job. He always saw everything through to the end‚ and excelled in everything he did. John’s family always came first‚ and he helped people no matter the cost.

John took up fighting fire after watching his brother-in-law do it‚ and decided it was what he wanted. He would always respond fast to the station when the page would come in. If he was at work‚ his boss knew that if they heard his pager go off‚ they had to get someone to John’s area‚ as he would be flying through the Lowe’s doors heading out to fight fires. John loved the fire department with all his heart. He loved fighting grass fires. He took the job seriously and very professionally‚ never getting excited and always thinking.

The day John died‚ he called in to work to say he was fighting fire. His boss‚ who lived in the area John was protecting‚ just said‚ Keep my house safe‚ brother. Firefighters fight hard to keep lives and property safe. John fought hard and‚ with everything John did‚ he kept his family first. His wife was on the truck with him that day‚ and they fought fire the whole day together. During a break‚ the local pastor passed by and asked John if there was anything he could do. John said‚ Check on my babies. They’re at home.

John loved cooking and was always making a mess in the kitchen. Whatever he cooked was going to be good. He was the kind of man that every woman wants‚ always there to help with cooking‚ kids‚ and cleaning. He would put the baby to sleep every night watching the show M*A*S*H…

John died doing what he loved‚ and he died peacefully. He died with all his brothers and sisters and his wife and son at his side. John is survived by his wife‚ Marcia Adams; sons‚ Douglas and James; daughter‚ Cheyanne; stepdaughter‚ Nicole Canady; and stepson‚ Drew Canady. John also had three grandsons‚ Zackery Dalton‚ Alex Williams‚ and Xavier Williams.

He is missed and will be forever loved.