Kirk M. Wicker

Submitted by a Fellow Firefighter

Kirk M. Wicker
Sioux City Fire Department – Iowa
Classification: Career
Rank: Probationary Firefighter
Date of Death: June 27‚ 1982
Age: 25

Kirk was in his 10th month of service as a probationary firefighter. He was a musician and my friend. He gave his life in the line of duty while responding to an arson fire at a poultry processing plant. While riding with him to his last alarm on the tailboard of Engine 36‚ he kept hold of me and kept me from falling off as I secured my turnout gear.

He would have been an excellent firefighter had he lived. We were hired the same day. I knew him only 10 months‚ but have thought of him every day since.

Michael L. Johnson

Submitted by his wife

Mike was an 8-year member of the Sioux City Fire Department. He was involved in many community service programs‚ a veteran of the US Air Force and served during the VietNam War‚ and ultimately proud to serve as a Firefighter.

Mike and fellow firefighter‚ Kirk Wicker‚ died as a result of an arson fire in a poultry processing plant.

Survivors include his wife‚ Sandy‚ and two sons‚ Michael Jr and Dustin‚ parents Don and Shirley Holt‚ and brother‚ Norman Johnson.