Brett M. Stearns

Brett M. Stearns

Brett M. Stearns was born June 30‚ 1979 in Craig‚ Colorado. Brett wanted to be a firefighter from an early age. The challenge of the job drew Brett to wildland firefighting. He began as a seasonal worker right out of high school and worked his way up to engine captain. Brett was a great example and leader to his crew and the rest of his co-workers at the BLM.

Brett had a dedication to learning both‚ in his job and in his own personal education. He enjoyed the personal touch of the local community college versus a larger university. It also kept him close to family and the job he loved. Brett had a lifelong thirst for knowledge. Brett had already completed two associates degrees and only had a couple classes left to finish in his third at Colorado Northwestern Community College.

He enjoyed such subjects as math‚ science‚ and astronomy. He could always be found reading and studying. Brett also enjoyed traveling and seeing the world. Brett did a lot of traveling through Europe and hit various countries like: Hungary‚ Czech Republic‚ Italy‚ France‚ and England. It was on a college spring break trip to England where he met his future bride‚ Joy. They married a couple years later on October 5‚ 2007. The couple continued traveling through courtship and marriage. Brett loved experiencing different cultures‚ learning the history‚ and admiring the architecture.

He also had a strong love of the outdoors and was very athletic. When he was not at work he could be found exploring the mountains and running new trails. He would find a new activity to try and then he would dedicate as much time needed to excel at it. He put forth this determination into rock climbing‚ mountain biking‚ mountaineering‚ and running. One of his favorite quotes was from the Iliad ‘Always to be the best and to be superior to the rest.’ Brett truly tried to be the best at everything he experienced.

There is a Latin quote that fits Brett’s life. ‘Veni‚ Vidi‚ Vici’ which means I came‚ I saw‚ I conquered. He fit an entire lifetime of adventure and living into his few short years. He definitely was taken too soon‚ but he will not be forgotten. He lives within the memories of family and friends each and everyday. He is greatly loved and missed.

‘Dis Aliter Visum’ – which is latin for: The gods had different ideas.