Peyton Lane S. Morse

Peyton Lane S. Morse

Peyton was the most caring, compassionate, and dedicated person you could ever have the pleasure of meeting. Peyton was the type of young man that gave 100% to whatever he was working on, whether it was academics, love of sports, his job, hunting and fishing, his family, or his faith. He also had an incredible sense of humor and could take a joke as well as give them. He could connect with anyone and wished for them to succeed. He loved helping in any way that he could.

Peyton loved to serve and was truly dedicated and passionate about the fire service. On his 18th birthday, he joined his hometown LaFargeville Volunteer Fire Department, where he rose to the rank of 2nd assistant chief. While attending Siena College, he joined the Shaker Road-Loudonville Fire Department. Wanting to share his passion for the fire service with others, he created the First Responders Club at Siena College and urged others to volunteer.

Peyton’s dream was to join the Watertown City Fire Department in Jefferson County, New York, a dream he realized when he stared work on February 1, 2021.

Peyton posthumously received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Siena College at a special ceremony on May 1, 2021, two days before he would have turned 22.

Peyton was affectionately known as “Bubba,” a nickname his brother, Parker, gave him shortly after his birth, and a name he grew into as a man. He was strong as an ox, with a gentle and kind soul. You could count on Peyton, day or night, to be there for you. Whether responding to a fire call or assisting family and friends, he would be there without question. He was a loving son to his parents, David and Stacy, a loving brother to Parker, and devoted to his fiancée, Celeste.

Peyton Lane S. Morse’s life was short, but his impact on his family, friends, and communities is enduring. He will be remembered for his service to community, for the strength of his character, and for the size of his heart.