Steven A. Smith

Steven A. Smith

Submitted by his Wife

Steven A. Smith
Wea Township Volunteer Fire Department – Indiana

Classification: Volunteer
Rank: Deputy Chief
Date of Death: June 25‚ 2006
Age: 34

Steve devoted his life to his family‚ friends and the Wea Township Volunteer Fire Department. He worked for Alcoa as a general mechanic and was a first responder at the plant. He married his high school sweetheart Tammy in 1991. They are the proud parents of three daughters‚ Kirstyn‚ Baylee‚ and Samantha.

Steve joined the Wea Township Volunteer Fire Department on November 06‚ 1995. During his time with the department‚ he held the rank of lieutenant and Captain before becoming Deputy Chief in 2006. He earned his certification as an Emergency Medical Technician‚ Firefighter l‚ Firefighter ll‚ and Fire Medic ll. Steve was on several fire department committees‚ starting with the Steering Committee (for new equipment)‚ Nominating Committee (for election of officers)‚ Disciplinary Committee‚ Membership Committee (for new members coming on the dept.)‚ and New Truck Committee. He was always one of the first to sign up to ride on the fire truck in the local Christmas Parade‚ as Christmas was his favorite holiday.

Steve also had a passion for racing go karts. He raced from the age of sixteen. He often recruited family and friends for pit crew duty. From his many racing stories‚ he was nicknamed nitro at the fire department. He was a volunteer little league coach‚ and once coached his oldest daughter’s soccer team. He often volunteered at his daughters’ school field trips. Steve enjoyed playing guitar and listening to music. He especially liked the rock band Queen.

Steve was a giving person. He would do whatever was asked of him day or night. He dedicated many hours of his time to the department. He was always ready to respond to the community he loved. If you needed help‚ support‚ comfort‚ you could count on Steve. His family and friends were always close to his heart. He enjoyed spending time with family at his daughters’ activities and sporting events.

With his humorous quick wit‚ he could put a smile on your face. His generous nature and caring way was felt by many. He had a kind heart and warm smile. Steve was a loving husband‚ father‚ son‚ brother‚ uncle‚ and friend. With our memories of Steve‚ he will live in our hearts forever.

Steve is a recipent of the Medal of Valor.

Submitted by his Chief

Steve was a 10 year member for the dept. Steve was an EMT and FF-II. He held the rank of Lieutenant and Captain before becoming Deputy Chief in 2006. Steve is survivied by a wife and 3 daughters.