Matthew K. Brimer

Matthew K. Brimer

Submitted by his parents

Matt Brimer‚ age 18‚ was a volunteer firefighter on Engine 23. He was taking paramedic training and had his own lawn care business‚ too. He served as a volunteer firefighter outside his residential area because he strongly desired to help others. Even as a little boy‚ he wanted to be a firefighter. He died on November 8‚ 2003‚ in a private vehicle accident in route to an emergency call. Fire Chief William Smith permanently retired Matt’s radio call number. Matt was voted Firefighter of the Year for 2003. He will be sadly missed‚ but his memory lives on.

Matt is survived by his parents‚ Kathy and Karl Brimer and two sisters‚ Marissa and Heather Brimer. Also‚ he is survived by his grandparents‚ Duke and Jean Brimer‚ and Miriam Third and the late Gene Third‚ and several aunts‚ uncles‚ and cousins.

He was a 2003 graduate of Jacksonville Christian Academy where he enjoyed playing football for 6 years. He was awarded the Christian Service Award two years in a row. Matt loved to spend time working around the school. He enjoyed fishing and playing the guitar. He was a fun-loving young man who endeared himself to strangers and sometimes aggravated family and friends with practical jokes. Whatever he did‚ he did it with a smile!

Matt was an active member of his church. He had participated in several mission trips to Oklahoma to work on church buildings. Also‚ he enjoyed doing community service projects such as visiting local schools for fire safety programs.

The Matthew K. Brimer Memorial Scholarship has been established at Jacksonville Christian Academy. The award is given to one senior each year. The award is based on character and community service‚ both of which Matt strongly believed to be important. This scholarship is a fitting tribute to a young man who gave his life doing what he genuinely loved to do.

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