Louis P. Berra

Louis P. Berra

Lou was an outstanding public servant who excelled at serving area residents‚’ said Chief Dave Frazier. ‘You would not want to meet a nicer person. He was a true professional‚ and he is missed.’

Louis Berra‚ 49 died in the line of duty on January 18‚ 2008. He had retired to his bunk room and was found later unresponsive due to cardiac arrest. He was pronounced dead at the area hospital.

Mr. Berra served the West County EMS & Fire Protection District as a paramedic for 12 years and previously served as paramedic/firefighter with the Frontenac Fire Department for 12 years.

Lous was in excellent physical condition‚ running approx. 10 miles a week‚ running six to seven marathons across the nation annually‚ and rode with the Trek Bicycle Racing Team.

Lou was a very devoted family man. He could always be counted on to help anyone in need and never tired of aiding his fellow man. He is survived by his wife‚ Lori‚ and their 2 children‚ Victorio and Alexis.

He was such an integral part of so many people’s lives. Since his death‚ it has been very difficult to put our lives back together as things will never be the same without him. He is always missed‚ but never forgotten.