Christopher J. Jackowski

Christopher J. Jackowski

Christopher was a very dedicated husband, father, and friend to both his family and community. He died on March 20, 2020, at the age of 56, due to COVID-19 complications.

Christopher‘s fire service career started in 1991, shortly after getting married and moving to Oakdale in Suffolk County, New York from Sunnyside, Queens. He moved to Oakdale and became a volunteer firefighter for the West Saville/Oakdale Fire District.

Christopher had a deep passion for helping people, especially in his own community. Despite being new to the area, he quickly developed relationships with his fellow firefighters and his neighbors. He was very well known and well loved for his uncanny sense of humor.

Throughout his fire career, Christopher received numerous accommodations and awards. In 1998, he was selected as Firefighter of the Year for Engine Company 2. In 2002, Christopher was issued a commendation award for actions taken at a dangerous brush fire. In 2020, shortly after his death, he was posthumously given the Chief’s Award.

Christopher took great pride in his accomplishments. Although his life was cut short at the age of 56, his goals and dreams of helping those around him were fulfilled to the fullest extent. The influence of his humor and personality still deeply resonates within the community and the people he has helped to this day.

As Christopher‘s wife, I grieve the loss of my husband every day. However, seeing his friends, fellow firefighters, and family over the past two years has helped me recognize the importance of emergency responders and their role in helping the community, especially in times of major hardship.

My oldest son, Kyle, is now a firefighter and member of the West Sayville Fire District. He hopes to follow his father‘s footsteps and honor his name.