Jeremy W. Wach

Jeremy W. Wach

Submitted by his Wife

Jeremy Wayne Wach‚ 31 was killed in the early morning hours of November 5‚ 2007. He and other members of the Wymore Volunteer Fire Department as well as the Blue Springs Volunteer Fire Department responded to a call for a house fire. Shortly after Jeremy and two other firemen entered the house‚ the roof collapsed trapping him.

Jeremy joined the Wymore Department in the spring of 2003. He was so excited to become a member‚ as it was a life long dream of his. He loved the thought of being able to help others and the community. He would respond to every fire and rescue call that he could. He took every call very seriously and he loved the adrenaline rush. More than once our plans were changed when a call came out‚ that’s how dedicated he was.

Jeremy was a big man with an even bigger heart. He felt his duty was to help serve and protect all others. His full time job was as a Gage County Sheriff’s deputy and Jail Director. He graduated from the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center as a certified law enforcement officer in April of 2005. He had wanted to be a law enforcement officer his entire life and was so proud to get the opportunity. He was dedicated to his job‚ which included long‚ unpredictable hours‚ and being on call 24/7.

Jeremy loved people and being able to help people. He considered all the members of the fire department and the sheriff’s office to be his extended family. He would do anything and everything for his friends and family. He was always willing to help others in any way possible.

Jeremy enjoyed hunting‚ fishing‚ watching NASCAR‚ watching football‚ cooking and baking‚ spending time with his family and friends‚ and most importantly spending time with his two young sons‚ Joseph and Matthew. He loved teaching them new things and helping them experience the world. Jeremy and I got to spend 5 wonderful years together and he made every moment absolutely memorable.

Throughout Jeremy’s life and career he encountered numerous people and he touched the lives of so many of them. His family still hears stories or receives notes about the wonderful things he did for others that we were unaware of. He truly lived every moment of his life as though it could be his last and he lived his life for others.

Jeremy is survived by his wife Melissa‚ sons Joseph and Matthew‚ his mother Debbie‚ brother Jake‚ step-brothers Ron and Rick‚ as well as a large extended family and many friends. We all feel so blessed to have had him in our lives. We miss him greatly and love him deeply. He has always been our Hero!