U.S. Fire Administrator’s Summit on Fire Prevention and Control 2023

EV and Energy Transition

U.S. Fire Administration
National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Articulate the need for the fire service to lead and inform the discussion on the fire safety of lithium-ion batteries and other alternative energy sources within our communities, at all levels of government, and with industry partners.

Key EV and Energy Transition Downloads


The fire service must lead the discussion of safety surrounding lithium-ion (LI) batteries and other alternative energy sources. As lithium-ion battery powered products grow increasingly prevalent, the fire service’s trusted voice and unique insight can engage all stakeholders in understanding the associated risks and work to ensure policy decisions consider the safety of our people and communities.

While LI batteries are an attractive option to power our many modern needs, fire risk increases when they are damaged or used, stored, or charged incorrectly. Combined with what we know of their complex fire risk, their ubiquitous presence requires the fire service to turn research and data into operational considerations quickly.

LI batteries and emerging alternatives constitute a significant component of the drive to reduce emissions worldwide. They are part of a complex global ecosystem of multinational agreements and organizations, geopolitical security questions, and finite natural resources. While a daunting task, the fire service has a central and critical role in ensuring policy decisions address fire safety risks.