Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of training is available for Coordinators?

Each year, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation hosts a National Coordinators’ Meeting, usually during late winter. The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation covers the cost of transportation, food, and lodging for one coordinator from each tournament for this event. Attendance is highly recommended for both new and veteran coordinators; it is a time of learning and sharing information and ideas with other coordinators and NFFF staff members.

What other resources do you offer to Coordinators?

The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation has developed a detailed Incident Action Plan (IAP) to guide Coordinators through the process of planning their tournament. The NFFF also provides website design and hosting, use of the NFFF’s online registration system, financial guidance, and other forms of administrative and logistical support.

How much work is involved?

This varies by event, but please be aware that coordinating and marketing a golf tournament requires a significant investment of time and effort. We recommend a planning period of about six months. Many golf courses have onsite event coordinators, who can be of assistance with the planning and logistics.

How many people should be on my committee?

We recommend a core Command Staff of 3-5 individuals.

I’m not a firefighter. Can I still host a tournament to benefit the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation?

Yes. However, we request that an active or retired firefighter, fire officer, or chief be represented on your Event Committee.

How does the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation support regional tournaments?

We provide logistical, financial, and administrative assistance by:

  • Providing liability coverage for all of our golf tournaments;
  • Making seed money available for course and catering deposits;
  • Issuing press releases to all print, radio, and television outlets in your area;
  • Providing online registration through the NFFF’s registration system;
  • Developing individual tournament web pages that can be linked through the main National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Golf website;
  • Marketing the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Golf program through National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and Everyone Goes Home® newsletters; at trade shows and conventions; and in national magazines;
  • Promoting individual golf tournaments through social media i.e. Facebook and Twitter

Does my tournament need to apply for nonprofit status to host an National Fallen Firefighters Foundation benefit golf event?

No. An already existing local non-profit organization such as a fire department, union, or auxiliary can support your fundraising efforts. Alternatively, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Financial Office can handle the financial matters for your event, enabling your event to use the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation’s 501(c)3 status.

Is it okay to split the tournament proceeds with another nonprofit group?

Though we prefer that 100% of our tournament proceeds go to support the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, some of our events donate a portion of their earnings to other nonprofit organizations. These situations are approved on a case-by-case basis.

How do I learn more about hosting an National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Golf Tournament?

Please email with your questions. National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Golf Office Coordinator or National Golf Coordinator Karl Ristow will be happy to provide you with more information about the program.