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Alan D. Toepke

Alan D. Toepke

  • Seasonal Firefighter
  • USDA Forest Service - Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
  • Montana
  • Age: 30
  • Year of Death: 2004

Submitted by his parents

Alan David Toepke born October 9‚ 1973‚ died April 24‚ 2004.

Alan is the son of David and Sharon Toepke of Winona‚ MN. He leaves his fiancee’‚ Stacey Nelson‚ two sisters‚ Beth of Longville‚ Minnesota and Linda of Deer Harbor‚ Washington. His brother Steven preceded him in death in 1997 in a canoeing accident in Alaska.

Al grew up in Winona‚ Minnesota‚ but also lived in Sandstone‚ Longville‚ and Brainerd‚ Minnesota: Ketchikan‚ Alaska‚ Wilmington‚ Illinois‚ Big Sky and Bozeman‚ Montana. He graduated from Winona State University in 1999.

Al always enjoyed being outdoors‚ so his employment with the DNR Trails & Waterways‚ and an MCC Crew supervisor both located in Minnesota‚ the National Forest Service in Ketchikan‚ Alaska‚ The Rainbow Ranch‚ and as a supervisor for Men at Work both in Big Sky‚ Montana gave him that opportunity. He was most recently employed by the National Forest Service on the Midewin Hot Shot Crew‚ containing forest fires throughout the United States. This was Al’s second season on the crew.

Al will be fondly remembered for his love of family and friends‚ hunting‚ walleye and fly fishing‚ camping‚ hiking‚ snowboarding‚ mountain biking‚ his travel experiences‚ his enthusiasm for living‚ his quick wit‚ and his many heart-to-heart conversations. He could easily cheer people and could talk to anyone about anything. You could tell when Al was in a room‚ because there was always lots of laughter. He loved to teach people about the outdoors: how to camp‚ hunt‚ fish‚ and snowboard‚ while maintaining a respect for nature and a love of the land.

It was Al’s wish to be a tissue donor and for his memorials to be used for promoting wildlife habitat‚ Pheasants Forever Programs‚ and to help teach young people a respect and love for nature at Camp Olson in Longville‚ Minnesota.

He was loved by many and will be greatly missed.

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