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National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

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Age: 35
Year of Death: 2001

Angel L. Juarbe

Angel L. Juarbe Jr.‚ 35‚ firefighter‚ FDNY‚ Ladder 12. A 7-year FDNY veteran‚ Juarbe was chosen as one of 12 firemen to be in the ‘Firehouse Hunks 2002’ calendar. Just a week before the September 11 tragedy‚ he was the winner of a Fox network reality show‚ Murder in Small Town X‚ in which the contestants vied to solve a fake murder. Juarbe won a Jeep and $250‚000. An animal lover‚ Juarbe had turned the firehouse into a place neighborhood kids could hang out but only after they had completed their homework.

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  1. I wanted to let Angel’s family know that I had the privilege to carry on his memory at the Denver 9/11 memorial climb this past September. We were each given a name of a fireman at the beginning of the climb whom had passed that day in 2001. We climbed 110 stories in remembrance of the fallen. His acts of heroism is not taken for granted, and we will never forget. Any additional contact information for his family would be appreciated. 
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    – Keith Clayton
  2. Another year; another heartbreak. I still can’t get used to you not being here with us. Nonetheless, my love for you continues to flow as if you were physically with us for I feel your presence in the things my son does. He is just like you!!! He loves life; he loves animals; He’s a great big brother and a wonderful friend. His respect for life has no boundaries and always stands up for the underdog. Every time I watch him experience life; I see you. I love you and miss you; but I ALWAYS celebrate you as you lived.

    – Susan Juarbe
  3. 2015 – Always remembered. I never had the privilege of meeting him. I watched him on the tv show Murder in Small Town X, and cheered when he won. His kindness and good nature were obvious to everyone. I just wanted his family to know that.

    – Nancy
  4. I wanted to let the family know that on the 911 stair climb in Denver Colorado I had the honor to climb with the memory of Angel this was the climb in 2015

    – Daniel
  5. I am a firefighter in Knoxville, Tennessee. I am also a friend to one of Angel’s co-stars, from the fox reality show. I had the honor and privilege to climb the 110 flights at FDIC 2016. I climbed for Angel. He will never be forgotten!

    – Christopher Patterson
  6. To My Brother Whom I Miss So Very Much. I Think Of You Every Day. Especially Of All The Fun We Had Together Ridding Bike, Playing Handball,, Paddle Ball, Football, Wiffle Ball Just To Name A Few. I Truly Loved Being With The Family They Where Always And Still Are A Pleasure To Be Around. Like Susan Says I Also Wish You Could’ve Seen What An Amazing Young Man Little Kenny Has Grown Up To Be. He Is A Spitting Image Of You. Especially On The Football Field He Definitely Has Your Moves. And Is Just As Handsome I Am Sure He Is A Playboy Like You Was. Ha Ha Ha. I Lrarned So Much From You I Miss Your Wisdom And Advise.

    – Steven Colón
  7. To My Brother Whom I Miss So Very Much. I Think Of You Every Day. Especially Of All The Fun We Had Together Riding Bike, Playing Handball,, Paddle Ball, Football, Wiffle Ball Just To Name A Few. I Truly Loved Being With The Family They Where Always And Still Are A Pleasure To Be Around. Like Susan Says I Also Wish You Could’ve Seen What An Amazing Young Man Little Kenny Has Grown Up To Be. He Is A Spitting Image Of You. Especially On The Football Field He Definitely Has Your Moves. And Is Just As Handsome I Am Sure He Is A Playboy Like You Was. Ha Ha Ha. I Lrarned So Much From You I Miss Your Wisdom And Advise.

    – Steven Colón
  8. Our agency has participated in the 9-11 Memorial Stairclimb in Panama City Beach, Fla since its inception….now going on its 6th year. Each year I’ve had the honor of climbing with Angel’s picture around my neck. I’ll be doing the same thing again this year. Would love to be able to email you pictures of this years event if you’re interested.
    #343 Gone but not Forgotten.

    Sammy Sanchez
  9. I met Angel when I produced a commercial for FDNY in 1999. He was so charming and genuine and played his guitar for his fellow brothers and sisters whenever we were on break. I learned more about him – that he was an animal advocate, dedicated son and well-respected member of FDNY. Such a huge loss. Still think of you often Angel!

    – Amy King
  10. Remember you on tv, just coming by to say you are going to be remembered for a long time. God bless you and your family.

    – Tommy
  11. I have the privilege to honor Angel in the Nashville 9/11 memorial stair climb this year. I thank the family and friends for this honor.

    – Jeremy woods
  12. On this day we remember Angel lovingly known as “Little Louie” for his amazing smile, charming personality and the bravery as a Firefighter he demonstrated not just on 9/11 but everytime he entered a burning building/house to rescue others without a thought for his own safety. I had the pleasure of knowing Louie and his family. Love them and now he is in Heaven with his loving mother. Till we meet again.

    – Awilda Rodriguez
  13. This my 4th climb, the first in Lambeau Field,Green Bay,Wi on September 10, 2016. It was a honor to climb in his memory. I am a 64 year old volunteer fire fighter with 40 years on my local department. May God bless your family.

    – Fire Chaplain Steven Achatz
  14. I climbed in remembrance today at Bay View Middle School – 2016 – Never Forget

    – Jake
  15. Hi I’m Ali B and I climbed for you to remember what you did for us. I climbed at Bay View Middle School! 9/13/16

    – Ali B
  16. Thanks for helping save people and I did a stair climb in memory for you at bay view. We will never forget you

    – Thomas
  17. Today I climbed around 60 flights of stairs in honor of Angel L. Juarbe at Bay View Middle School. Never Forget. September 2016

    – Vanessa
  18. I walked in your remembrance today at bay view middle school, never forget, 9/13/16

    – Becky
  19. I had the honor of climbing for Angel in the 2016 Tri-Cities Memorial Stair Climb that took place in Kingsport, TN on 9-11-16. Angels memory will live on forever in the hearts and minds of America and those who loved him.

    – Grant Thompson
  20. Today September 13 2016 I climbed the steps in honor of Angel

    – Emma Deppeler
  21. I climbed 78 flights of stairs in your memory. Thank you for your service!

    Griffin G.
    Bay View middle school

    – Griffin G.
  22. I climbed in your honor today. Thank you for your service. We will never forget

    – Julianne Zaremba
  23. I will forever love & celebrate your beautiful soul. You are my ANGEL & HERO, those 2 things that will never go away. I salute you my beautiful uncle and everything you’ve done. You will always remain #1 in my heart. I miss you dearly, I wish you could see me now all grown up. And it is an honor to be named after you. I love you tio louie!!

    – Kailynn Anjel Vazquez
  24. I’ll be climbing in Firefighter Juarbe’s honor in the Dallas Memorial Stairclimb on September 9, 2017. He is a true hero and our nation owes his family and friends and the FDNY a debt of gratitude. I’m humbled to climb in his honor and may we never forget.

    – Brad McCutcheon
  25. It was a privilege to carry your name at this year’s Never Forget stair climb in Manchester, NH. I will never forget the sacrifice you made on that day. Rest In Peace.

    – Michelle Bajdek
  26. I climbed in memory of your life and sacrifice in Tupelo, MS at the 9/11 Memorial stair climb, 2017. I too, love animals, and am honored to have climbed in your memory. May your family and friends find comfort in knowing we will not forget your bravery, the life you lived, or the sacrifice you made. Most importantly, may they rest in the restoring love and peace that only Jesus brings.

    – Meghanne Lee
  27. I live in Troy Ohio and we just held out first memorial freedom climb put on by the local police department. They had it set up where we could either climb stairs or walk the track for the distance of the twin towers. When I arrived there were tags made up of each person that lost their life in this tragedy and mine was Angel Juarbe Jr., I walked the distance and an additional lap for my partner Angel. I’ll never forget 9-11

    – Jill Brown
  28. I never met you, but you were a hero to me. You are the face of 9/11 for me.

    Always loved, never forgotten!

    – Manx Foster
  29. I feel compelled to share my experience from today while visiting the 9/11 Healing Field in Tempe, Az. Walking past all the flags is an extreme somber feeling, for those who haven’t visited in person I have to say it’s incredibly heavy & humbling at the same time. This time as we approached the very first flag, I held the card upright & read the name… “Angel Luis Juarbe.” I got chills in 107* weather. The tears welling up in my eyes. All I could say to my son was, “Mijo we were meant to be there reading his name out loud.” Saying a prayer in his name. A few minutes later a little boy came up to me and handed me a beautiful single red rose. Angel & I couldn’t contain our emotions any longer. We held each other & cried. We walked back to Angel Luis Juarbes’ flag & left him the rose. After 16 years the pain subsides but the raw memories remain. I will never forget 9/11/2001, but as of today I will always remember Angel Luis Juarbe. My son’s name is Luis Angel Orduño he was 3 years old when Angel Luis Juarbe lost his life.May God bless his family & may they heal knowing his memory will forever live on.

    – Maria G. Plascencia
  30. Yesterday on the 16th anniversary of 9/11 here in San Antonio, TX I climbed The Tower of the Americas (twice) in honor and remembrance of Angel Juarbe. I will always remember those heroes who died on 9/11 and am grateful to the brave men and women like Angel who are here on earth saving lives and protecting the innocent. God bless you.

    – Adam R Ramirez
  31. I completed the 9/11 stair climb at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI and rang the bell for Angel L. Juaebe, Jr. Now, I’m sitting with my family at lunch looking this incredible man up online and talking about his accomplishments. He is not forgotten in Wisconsin.

    – Timberly
  32. I had the honor to climb with Angel’s memory today at the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI. We climbed the equivalent of the 110 stories of WTC. I rang a bell at the “78th floor” in Angel’s honor.
    We will never forget…God Bless Angel’s family.

    – Heidi Thompson
  33. I had the honor to “Climb the Stairs” in memory of Angel at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. The heartache I felt during the ceremonies and the walk was unbearable, I can only imagine the heartache, you as his family feels everyday! My husband plays for the Packers and so many times we get so upset at injuries, decisions, etc., but this climb really opened my eyes and made me realize how truly blessed I am. Angel is a hero that will never be forgotten. Thanks for your service!

    – Brea
  34. You were so special to me during our JHS years. I hope you are resting in peace with our heavenly Father. Thank you for that day. You will not be forgotten.

    – Eliza
  35. I never had the honor of meeting angel in person but had surgery on my foot and was bedridden and saw him on television with his show and I said when I get better I was going to the firehouse and meet him I called him my friend because I was I’ll and couldn’t move for six weeks but he kept me company on tv I never got the chance to see him and thank him because 9/11 happened but always thought of him sip

    – Patrica Zayas
  36. I loved him on Murder in Small Town X, and was horrified when the terror attacks happened. I was heartbroken when I learned that he was among those who perished. I still think of him and pray for his family. He was a hero in our lives. Bless him and the others.

    – Judy
  37. My six siblings and I were those “neighborhood kids” who absolutely LOVED hanging out at the Chelsea firehouse with Angel. He was a true hero to us; we adored him so much. I was only 11 when he passed away, and my whole family was devastated. I’m 28 now and you are always on our thoughts; you’ll always be remembered, Angel— our neighborhood hero!

    – Rachel Waly
  38. Angel has impacted my life in such a wondful way. I was among those neighborhood kids my siblings and I till this day remain to keep his legacy and memories alive. Out father had just passed away and Angel , became the postive male role model we needed in that moment of time. We are forever blessed and honored to have known such a hero and an angel.

    – Rebecca Waly
  39. This September 2019, is the 18 year anniversary, ANGEL, you will never be forgotten by your firefighter family, you are a true Hero and Gentleman.

    – Lisa Hopman, Quincy Firedepartment, CA
  40. Angel, I like many others never got to meet him. Only got to know about him through a reality show on FOX. Definitely rooted for him through the end.
    Those memories are vague now. Its
    September 2019 but I always find myself thinking of him and his loved ones. ♡ RIP

    – Andrea C, Bay Area - CA
  41. I was your number fan and never met you but I did meet your family. I remember I was 10 and I made my mom look for you after the attacks because I hoped I could’ve met you but unfortunately I didn’t. Thank you Angel love you always your number 1 fan Kathie

    – Kathleen marrero
  42. Our students and teachers each choose a name to honor on 9-11. I chose your name. We prayed for your family and expressed our gratitude for your service. I am so sorry for your loss, but know that your “Angel” lives on in our thoughts and prayers!

    Diana Alvarez
  43. I walked the McKinley Monument stairs today 9-11-19 in Canton, Ohio in memory of Angel. May we never forget him and all the brave first responders who lost their lives that day along with the other innocent victims of this terrorist attack. May they all rest in peace and know they will never be forgotten.

    – Anne Brewer
  44. I had the privilege of honoring Angel today at the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Red Rocks in Colorado, 2019. Then I came home and learned about him. Blessings to his spirit, life, and his family. Thank you. You are not forgotten.

    – Susan Brown
  45. Just climbed 110 stories in remembrance of Angel Juarbe. #neverforget

    – Erick Almonte
  46. I never had the priviledge of meeting Angel, but in the summer of 2001 I was obsessed with “Murder in small town X.” I was very saddened to learn he was among those killed. Recently I posted a murder mystery on Fanfictionnet and dedicated it to Angel. It’s a “Twin Peaks” story called “Sanctuary.” I like to think he’s up in Heaven reading it now. Rest in peace Angel.

    – Ryan Odonnell
  47. Still remember you Angel. From upstate NY, the real one, lol, 25 miles east of Rochester. Saw you on Small Town X and was praying you won. So glad you did. You are a true hero.

    – Marg
  48. What is remembered, lives. Angel, always in our hearts. (Sept. 11, 2020)

    – Nancy Sine
  49. I have the honor of doing the 9/11 stair climb in his honor in Crown Point IN this year. I am so very sorry for your loss. He like all the others that lost their lives trying to save as many as they could he is a true hero.

    – Robin Gipson
  50. A kind and wonderful man. I will never forget you.

  51. While recently working at a medical clinic in remote Washington County, Maine, I had the opportunity to visit beautiful Eastport for the first time. I noticed an impressive statue of a fisherman by the dock and approached it to read the plaque mounted beneath it. There I learned about Angel Juarbe, as it is in honor of his heroism on 9/11. What an incredible man! May his soul rest in peace in the presence of Christ.

    – Andrea Palencar, MD
  52. I was a fan of Angel’s from “Murder in Small Town X” and I think of him every year about this time. I never met the man, but wanted his family and friends to know he is still remembered and his life celebrated. Even by strangers. Rest in Peace, Angel Juarbe Jr.

    – Craig
  53. One the eve of the 20th anniversary, I recall how weeks before September 11, 2001, I watched Angel win Murder In Small Town X. Even though the show was kind of hokey, there was nothing hokey about him. He approached the tasks on that show with thoughtfulness & dedication while also showing kindness, friendliness and humor. The memory that sticks out to me of him on that show is when, as he “rescues” the single survivor of the serial killer, he picked her up as she was crying and said “It’s Angel, I’ve got you.” Even though there was no real danger, he was in firefighter mode and was going to help her no matter what. I recall that on the day of the attacks, it must have been around 9:30am when I thought about him with a jolt & remembered that he was a firefighter in the city and from that moment I was looking for news about him. When I learned he had died, it was hard to hear. Not to say that his death had more impact then all the others who died that day, but his was a name & a face that I and anyone else who watched that show had come to know so there was a personalization & recognition of his loss. At any rate, I wanted to pay tribute to him and to all the first responders who were lost on that day and to show that they are all still remembered.

    – Katie Hudson
  54. 2021 – Angel, always in my heart. Who is remembered, lives.

    – Nancy
  55. Continue to Rest In Peace Angel. We became great friends in college and would catch up from time to time throughout the years. Your infectious smile would light up a room and I always remember how giving you were to others. Didn’t surprise me at all when I saw you became a firefighter. Always gave great advice and knew how to make you smile or laugh. We lost an amazing guy 20 years ago today. You are truly missed. I will always remember our great times. Continue to Rest In Peace. God Bless you Angel

    – Gail Cortez
  56. My friend…Every birthday May 1st yours and mine May3rd I celebrate You just like when we were young. We use to celebrate our birthdays together quietly sharing a spite and eating jelly fishes at our favorite spot- Gompers high school handball court. Always in my heart.

    – Evis Acosta aka Chamby
  57. 2021- Today, I participated in my first 9/11 star climb in Richmond, Virginia to honor the fallen heroes who tragically passed away 20 years ago. I climbed in honor of Angel. As I read about hind I felt as though we had so much in common, like our love for adventure and animals. You were gone too soon, and it’s evident that you were so loved. My heart aches for your family. I wish I could thank you in person for all you did, and show you how many lives you’ve impacted. We will never forget.

    – Faye
  58. Today marks 20 years since the towers fell. Your bravery and courage during the towers falling will forever be remembered. You are the face of heroism, Angel. Your family must be so proud. God Bless you! Rest in Peace in heaven.

    – charlene a kowalski
  59. I had the honor of walking the 911 stair climb in Green Bay WI in Angels name. He sounds like he was a wonderful human being and I was humbled to walk in his honor! RIP dear Angel (hero).❤️ 2021

    – Suzanne Perrizo
  60. I am a volunteer firefighter in GA. I had the honor of carrying Angel’s memory and ultimate act of heroism with me during the 2022 Central Ga Stair Climb this past weekend. Gone but never forgotten.

    110 for the 343

    – William Dirsh
  61. I found a framed photo at the Goodwill Store in which I wanted to recreate as an artist. It is of the Fisherman Statue in Maine I looked for information about it and came upon Angel Juarbes story that moved me to dedicate the piece to his memory.
    What an interesting guy and true Hero. We must all remember that sports players and movie stars are NOT hero’s and never forget tragedies such as 9-11 and the Boston Marathon. When so many Americans did not hesitate to try to help other Americans who were in danger. God Bless America and thank you Firefighters and emergency services.

    – Van jenner
  62. What a wonderful man I’m at a loss for words my heart is heavy my condolences his story first struck me in 2001 and I always listen for him his name when they say the names I’m so pleased to learn he’s an animal lover and his son is also I’m just I’m just out of lost for words

    – Daniel
  63. I remember growing up with him and Angel was always a happy and fun loving person. Lucky to have known him. His family always in my thoughts. Suzy love you!

    – Yolanda Ramos
  64. Absolutely honoured to carry your name to the top of Crown Metropol Melbourne this coming September 2nd 2023. Much love to your family and friends xo

  65. I just found out – I will doing the 9/11 stair climb in San Diego this year and to remember Angel. I am so honored .

    – Elaine Conway
  66. I will be doing the 9/11 stair climb in San Diego – 2023 for Angel. He will not be forgotten!!

    – Elaine
  67. Absent from the body present with the Lord!

    – Rick and Carmella Juarbe
  68. I wanted to let the family know that on the 9/9/23 I performed the Tall City Memoral stair climb in Midland,TX and I had the honor to climb with the memory of Angel. I greatly appreciate his heroism as do so many Americans. We will never forget.

    – Matt Williams
  69. I never had the privelege of meeting Angel. But every time I think about that day I think of him. Never Forgotten and I hope he is there to meet me when I am called to God.

    – Terry Roberts
  70. 2023 – A hero always remembered.

    – Nancy
  71. Watching a 9/11 documentary today on the 22nd anniversary of that horrible day as I do every year. I was a happy camper on the day I watched Angel win the reality competition series. You could just tell what a composed, thoughtful team player he was. And I was greatly saddened to hear if his passing on 9/11. I think of him every year as though I knew him. Rest in peace in your heavenly home. A true hero.

    – Lynn