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Anne  Veseth

Anne Veseth

  • Firefighter
  • Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest
  • Idaho
  • Age: 20
  • Year of Death: 2012

Anne Rosemarie Veseth was born April 5‚ 1992‚ in Moscow‚ Idaho‚ to Roger and Claire Veseth. She was the youngest of four children and was loved by each of them for her easy going ways. She could not hold a grudge for more than a couple minutes and was always willing to laugh at herself. She loved horses and was delighted when she got her first one at age eight. She participated in 4-H for eight years and especially appreciated the last two years of riding Woody. Anne enjoyed spending time with her family riding horses‚ rafting‚ camping‚ and biking.

Anne’s father died when she was eleven; this profoundly affected the rest of her life.

Anne was always one to try new activities. In junior high she decided to play basketball and run cross country; it was the first time she had played basketball and run any further than to catch her horse. She enjoyed the physical challenges and the camaraderie with her fellow athletes.

Her junior year in high school she decided to try out for Junior Miss. When asked what talent she would perform‚ she thought about it for a few days and then said she would do breakdancing. Mom pointed out she had never done breakdancing‚ but Anne said she would learn. For a sometimes very painful year‚ Anne took lessons and practiced for hours. The hours were well spent; Anne put on an amazing performance in front of an appreciative crowd‚ earning second runner-up in the program.

A year later she spent her summer as a member of the Northwest Youth Corps repairing trails and working outdoors. They camped during the week and took showers on the weekend‚ and Anne loved it. Again‚ she reveled in the hard physical labor.

After high school Anne attended Lewis-Clark State College on academic scholarships and majored in auto mechanics. Once more she was trying a new activity in which she had no experience. She graduated after two years near the top of the class with an associate’s degree in auto mechanics. She organized study groups‚ served as treasurer of the Auto Club for two years‚ and made a name for herself as someone that cared about others‚ but could also take charge and get things done.

She worked for the Forest Service as a wildland firefighter on the North Fork Ranger District for two seasons. She appreciated being in the outdoors‚ working hard and making a difference. She was a young woman with integrity‚ determination‚ a desire to do good‚ and a passion for life. Her loss leaves a deep hole in our lives and hearts. She will be forever missed by her coworkers‚ friends‚ and family.

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