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Age: 25
Year of Death: 2003

Benjamin Craig Rouchon

Submitted by his Family

Benjamin Craig Rouchon‚ 25 years old‚ was home with his family in Clinton‚ Louisiana‚ on a Sunday morning‚ when he got word that the Woodland Fire Department was requesting medical help. A routine medical call for one local volunteer firefighter/first responder became the last one that he would ever go on. Ben‚ known to fire departments as 327‚ died in an automobile accident while en route to a medical call in Clinton. Benjamin was honored with the presence of Acadian Ambulance‚ which he worked for‚ along with his fire department family‚ Clinton Police Department‚ and the East Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office‚ all of which he made time for.

Ben was born in Zachary‚ Louisiana‚ and raised in Clinton and could never imagine living elsewhere. The pride and admiration he had for his community was resoundingly expressed in his actions. He was active in church and took pride in his faith. Ben’s dedication to provide a positive environment for the youth in his community was astounding‚ from coaching baseball to being a leader in his church’s youth group. He joined the volunteer fire department in high school. Ben also served as a reserve Clinton Police officer. Ben was about to complete his tactical EMT training‚ and his excitement was contagious. Ben worked for Acadian Ambulance‚ and he had found his calling. He loved what he did‚ and he was good at it. Ben was a man of true integrity‚ gentle strength‚ and many more qualities that there is paper. He truly did not want any credit for all the things he did. All of his many accomplishments were earned‚ and the gratitude he had for those who believed in him was immeasurable. Ben was a respected and highly dedicated medic‚ and loving team member who served his community well.

Those who knew Ben knew he was a character; he always had a straight face even when he was joking. He was a friend‚ a colleague and a fellow first responder. He had a family besides his birth family that only a few knew about. The family I speak of is his fire department family. Ben was going to help his fellow fire department members on Sunday morning when his life was put in the hands of his fire department family.

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  1. Ben I did not know you but, I want to thank you sir for your service and sacrifice. I knew your brother David and his wife Heather. They are dear friends of mine. David speaks so highly of you and I know he misses you dearly. David gave me some of your Police gear when he found out I was leaving NOLA to become a Law Enforcement Officer in Durham, NC. I am honored to have received these things and even more honored to carry it on my duty belt. It goes with me everywhere I go when I call 10-41 (Begin Duty). Thank you for being a Man and showing what a Man with true Heroism and Volunteerism looks like. You are a Selfless person and it has showed.

    – Bradley Solomon
  2. Ben I only knew you briefly, but CJ loved you dearly. He talked about how he remembered you as a baby. Thank you for your service to your community and your service to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    – Iris Rouchon
  3. Dear Rouchon Family, this December is the 17th anniversary of Ben’s death, know that his firefighter family will NEVER forget him.
    RIP Ben

    – Lisa Hopman