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National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Roll of Honor

Age: 19
Year of Death: 2012

Brandon L. Little

Brandon was born on September 29‚ 1992‚ at Hanover Hospital in Hanover‚ Pennsylvania. His proud parents are Keith and Nancy Little‚ and loving brother‚ Shawn Little. Brandon graduated from New Oxford High School in 2010.

His goal was to join the United States Army. He joined right after high school‚ but before being sent to basic training‚ he had second thoughts and chose a different path. He decided to get an ordinary full-time job‚ as well as join the fire company. I remember how much time he gave towards training and helping out around the station. I know he loved hearing the pager go off; the look on his face said it all.

He received many certificates throughout his Firefighter I training. Brandon also received Rookie of the Year from his fire company. He devoted any spare time he had to working on his physical fitness. He could be found at the local gym every day and was always signing up for 5K runs.

As a son‚ you could always count on him. If you needed any help‚ he would be there without any questions. Brandon was also always there for his friends‚ lending an open ear and any advice that he could give.

At the time of his passing‚ Brandon had numerous applications submitted to become a paid full-time firefighter. His saying was always ‘Be strong.’ God knows we try our best‚ but some days it’s just hard to keep going. We will always remain strong‚ because we know he is watching over all of us.

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  1. Thank you for sharing about your son. I work with troubled youth so it is both an inspiration and encouragement to hear about youth like Brandon who work hard to do positive things with their lives. Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you.

    – Greg Johnson
  2. I was in EMT class we became good friends he told me he liked wings. So we got together one night and went to the ott house restaurant and had wings. We had class that night that Brandon lost his life. I was in the class room and heard the call on my pager. Brandon did not make class that night . The teacher told the class what had happen I could not believe my ears. When I left class the teacher call my station to let them no what had happened and I was very upset that they need to talk to me.So when I got there. There were some brother firefighters and my parents to give me support . Brandon was my leader. I think about him everytime that I am going on a call. RIR buddy. Brad ? ? ?? ➿

    – Brad hartdagen