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Brenda D. Cowan

Submitted by her family

Lt. Brenda Cowan was a firefighter on Engine 18. For her entire career of 12 years‚ she was a committed firefighter. She radiated honor and pride whenever firefighters were mentioned. From time to time‚ she would say‚ ‘I’m an ordinary person doing an extraordinary job.’

Brenda’s childhood began in rural Sturgis‚ KY. She was the fifth of six children. She graduated from Union County High School as an honor student. While in high school she played girls’ basketball and ran track. In the summer‚ she participated in league baseball (both coed and women’s).

In 1986‚ she graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in psychology. During her college career‚ she was a Wildcat Lodge little sister. She was an avid fan of the Lady Cats basketball team. Several of the players became lifelong friends of Brenda. She enjoyed each moment she spent with them.

Memories of Brenda always include her addicting smile‚ her compassion for others‚ and her involvement with her church family at Consolidated Baptist Church in Lexington‚ KY.

Her love for children and her ability to befriend children will always be seen as one of her most memorable qualities. After college graduation‚ she became a mentor for young girls.

Through Brenda’s death on February 13‚ 2004‚ she inspires warmth‚ kindness‚ and love for all. Her death has touched people from all walks of life in various parts of the community‚ the state‚ the nation. Brenda’s family cannot express enough gratitude for all the people‚ the prayers‚ organizations‚ schools‚ churches‚ and businesses that have shown love and concern for their fallen firefighter.

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  1. You are missed more than words can say. You are a true hero and loved very much, by a lot of people.

    – J. Reynolds
  2. It’s been almost 40 years. But I will never ever forget that smile. A true, genuine smile.

    – F Knight
  3. Brenda Cowan did not act according to protocol because she should have waited until police got there to secure the scene, yet for some idiotic reason she is applauded for her stupidity!

    – Trish