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Age: 30
Year of Death: 2013

Brian A. Woehlke

Brian A. Woehlke was born July 27, 1983, in Detroit, Michigan, to parents William and Eliza-beth. He grew up having a special bond with his grandfather, who was a firefighter in his hometown, and always strived to follow in his footsteps since childhood.

Brian excelled athletically from a young age. He was able to share his love of soccer with his three older brothers and spent many of those precious family moments with his father who coached him. Brian loved being around friends and family. In his spare time he enjoyed golfing and looked forward to University of Michigan football games. With his signature “Woehlke Smile” and most original dance moves, it was hard not to fall in love with the person he grew to be.

In 2002, Brian met his wife, Jennifer. There was no happier moment for the two than in 2012 when their beautiful daughter, Ava, was born. Brian loved nothing more in this world than his family and his faith. There wasn’t a day at work where one of the guys didn’t hear about one of baby Ava’s milestones. Brian was a sincerely proud father and husband. Ava and Jennifer were truly the drive and support behind Brian’s being.

Brian worked hard to achieve his dream of becoming a husband, father and a fireman. In 2012, he was hired with the Wayne-Westland Fire Department. Brian served as a firefighter and by be-ing the positive catalyst that assisted in merging the two fire departments. It was apparent that Brian loved firefighting and always mentioned how he loved the “human element” of being a paramedic. His personality was bigger than life and left a memorable impact on everyone he came in contact with. His last call was May 8, 2013, while courageously battling a strip mall fire.

His pride and memory live on through his family and friends.

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  1. May he RIP never met the young man but new of his brothers in the Redford Twsp Tire Dept
    prayers for his family

    – maureen dwyer
  2. Never Forgotten

    – Michele Halis
  3. I stop at the memorial in Hines Park and say hello to you and Todd when I drive to my nieces house.

    – Mary Weislo
  4. Foundation – Brian Woehlke Firefighter Award (Scholarship) lead me here. I said to myself, who am I to receive a scholarship, and not have an idea of who this individual is. shocked to see that Brian Woehlke was only 30 years of age. May you rest in peace brother, I have a special connection to you as we have many similarities. You will be in my prayers Brother.

    – Geraldo "Gerry" Herrera