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Age: 30
Year of Death: 2001

Brian Cannizzaro

By Simone Cannizzaro
Brian’s father

On September11th‚ Brian was 30 years old. He was working the day shift at Ladder 101 in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn‚ NY. Brian was married and the proud father of 8-month-old Christopher‚ who he actually delivered himself‚ under the watchful eye of the doctor in the delivery room‚ on national television.

On that day when I awoke and put TV on‚ I saw the Trade Center on fire and smoke filling the sky over Manhattan. No one at that time really knew what was going on. Then I saw the second tower hit. I knew immediately this was no accident. Fear came over me‚ for I knew Brian would be there‚ and I was right of course. Not hearing any word from Brian for a long time‚ I feared the worst.

Being a retired firefighter of 32 years myself‚ I got my gear that I had in the garage and set out for the Trade Center. Living on Staten Island‚ I was able to watch all this live. When I arrived at the SI ferry‚ I was told no one was being allowed to cross over to the site. I knew the chief in charge‚ and when I told him my son was there I was allowed to cross. When I arrived at the site‚ I could not believe my eyes. TV did not do justice to what I saw in person.

After many long hours of searching and asking questions‚ I knew the answer to my questions all too well. Brian and his entire company were gone. Now I had to come home and break the news to his mom and his wife and his brothers. Not easy.

The night before this nightmare‚ Brian and I were on the phone talking about all the work we were doing on his house to make necessary repairs that had to be done. The thing I remember most of our conversation is how we ended it. I said‚ I love you‚ BRIAN‚ and he said‚ I love you‚ POP‚ and that’s all I care to remember about that whole nightmarish day.

The pain never goes away.

Brian attended St. John’s where he was active in student government and served as president of his fraternity. After graduation‚ he worked at the Staten Island Advance and in the import/export business.

In May 1999‚ he followed in his father’s footsteps and joined the New York City Fire Department. He requested an assignment to one of the busiest houses in New York-Ladder 101 in Red Hook‚ Brooklyn.

In October 2000‚ he and his wife Jackie had a son Christopher. The birth was documented and featured on The Learning Channel.

Brian Cannizzaro had the same badge number as his father Sam‚ a retired FDNY firefighter. Brian’s brother Craig‚ a probationary firefighter in the NY City Fire Academy‚ now has that badge number.

Brian is survived by his wife Jacqueline‚ his son Christopher who was only a little over one at the time of his father’s death‚ his parents Sam and Carol‚ and two brothers-Craig and Charles.

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  1. I’m honored to say I climbed in memory of Brian Cannizzaro today at the NFFF Stair Climb in Ocean City, MD.

    – Patty Crisman
  2. Rest in peace brother and cousin

    – Salvatore cannizzaro
  3. Brian Cannizzaro, a hero whose photo I held high every step of my 110 story climb today on 9/11/16 at Chase Tower in Columbus, OH. I will continue to carry Brian with me and I pray that his family finds peace and comfort in the wonderful memories of him.

    – Jen Kalwasinski
  4. I carried Brian with me again today 9/10/17 during my 110 story 9/11 Memorial Climb this morning at Chase Tower in Columbus, OH. He is a hero and an angel who will never be forgotten. I pray that his family finds peace and comfort in the wonderful memories of him. God Bless.

    – Jen Kalwasinski
  5. Know Charles and Brian from ASD back in the early 80’s my thoughts are with the entire Cannizzaro family on this difficult day..

    We will NEVER FORGET!

    – Eddie Orlando
  6. Knowing Charles and Brian from ASD back in the Early 80’s my thoughts are with the entire family on this difficult day..

    We will Never Forget!

    – Eddie Orlando
  7. I am honored to say that I did the Lambeau Field Stair climb in honor of your son, brother, husband and father Brian today. It was a very emotional day but worth every step I took. Your son is a hero and it sounds like he comes from a family of heros! Your family will forever be thought about and prayed for! Thank You for your sacrifices. God Bless!

    – Julie Hoefs
  8. i just found a silver bracelet with this mans name on it. bless him. my mom must have purchased it

    – Patti White
  9. My deepest condelences to you and your beautiful family I had the honor to know your son We worked together at Charles Happel Import / Export co we would have long talks laughed alot and i remember his eagerness to become a Firefighter like his dad he was planning his wedding he was full of life then he left the airport to follow his dreams ( I remember how madly in love he was with his girl) .My kids were babies but through the years i would tell them about this brave handsome young man I use to work with and every year on this day we remember him and speak about him I know this is random but I want you and your family that we honor his bravery and he will never be forgotten!!! God bless ! Long Island NY I hope his son is doing well!!!

    – Vanessa
  10. It was an honor and privilege to climb in honor of Brian on 9/8/2018 at Werner Park in Papillion, NE. God Bless Brian and his family.

    – Brigitte Burbach
  11. Proud to carry Mr. Cannizzaro on my heart at the 2018 911 Stair Climb at Lambeau Field. God Bless your family. Your legacy lives on.

    – Valerie Bielinski
  12. Today I was humbled and honored to carry Brian’s name and picture with me during the stair climb at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI. I proudly said his name and rang that bell. I left the bell station in tears with his badge over my heart. Please know it was a pleasure to read about Brian here and to help keep his memory alive. I will never forget! Sending peace and love WI!

    – Kristin Odell
  13. I climbed in honor of Brian cannizzaro at Lambeau field Green Bay Wi 9-22-18

    – Jesse bartelt
  14. On this the 18 year anniversary of 9/11, please know that Brian and the other 343 firefighters who died that day, will NEVER be forgotten , they are all true HEROES

    – lisa hopman, Quincy FireDepartment, California
  15. Mein Name concetta cannizzaro geb in Sizilien /lercara friddi.
    Mein Urgroßvater ging nach America Gerolamo Cannizzaro und kam nie wieder. Er war jung Witwer und ließ damals mein Opa bei fremden Leuten. Ich fühle mich verwandt mit diesen jungen Held… Gott hab dich selig brian cannizzaro ❤️

    – Cannizzaro
  16. Brian Cannizzaro he is honored to be his second cousin Thank you for his service

    – Jonathan Cetroni
  17. This is for my second Cousin Brain Cannizzario. The Ocean County Library is having display for all firefighters. I volunteer to 9/11 at New York and Toms River, and am an usher at St. Joseph Church.

  18. I was honored to participate in my 3rd stair climb in Columbus OH, the climb today on 20th anniversary of September 11. I continue to carry a photo and memory of our hero Brian Cannizzaro with me. He will never be forgotten. Thank you Brian for serving and protecting us. I pray that wonderful memories of you bring comfort to your family and friends. God Bless.

    – Jen Baran
  19. Brian, fellow Farrell Brother. I was in ASD during 9/11. Now I am overseas and wore your photo during our workout this morning, honoring 20 years. We will never forget your heroism and the sacrifices you and your family made.
    We will Never Forget

    – Paul
  20. 20 years and we still remember. Your bravery is an inspiration to us all. Your actions were courageous and selfless. Thank you for being a hero in every sense of the word, we will never forget. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

    – Maria Greco
  21. In memory of Brian Cannizzaro. I attended our 911 stair climb while carrying his badge throughout the 110 stories. I’m honored to have his badge with me this year. With love from Dickinson, ND.

    – Salisa Young
  22. I was born in 2002. Brian Cannizzaro came from the Wiggles group in my childhood memory. Rest in peace, Brian Canizzaro!

    – Charlie
  23. I am honored to have made the climb for Brian Cannizzaro at the 9/11 Memorial Climb in Cincinnati, Ohio on 9/9/23. Brian will never be forgotten🇺🇸

    – Kelli Breitfelder
  24. I have climbed in memory of Brian at the 9/11 Stair Climb in Estes Park, CO.

    – Alyssa
  25. I am honored to say that I climbed 9/9/23 in Cincinnati, OH Cintas/TQL Stadium in memory of Brian Cannizzaro

    – Alesia Casagrande