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Age: 29
Year of Death: 2001

Brian E. Sweeney

Firefighter‚ Rescue 1Age 29Born: November 10‚ 1971 Dates of Service: July 9‚1995 – September 11‚ 2001Parents: Edward and Mary Ann Sweeney

Brian is remembered as a hardworking‚ enthusiastic firefighter who wanted to be the very best he could be. He entered the New York City Fire Department on July 9‚ 1995.

His first assignment after ‘probie’ school was Engine 263 in Queens‚ the first in a three-year‚ three-house rotation‚ followed by Ladder 8 Manhattan‚ and Engine 214 in Brooklyn. He was then chosen to work in newly formed Squad 288 by then Lt.‚ now Captain Vinny Ungaro‚ who had recognized Brian’s skills and enthusiasm from previous assignments.

During Brian’s three years with the Squad‚ he continued to improve his firefighting techniques and enhance his rescue training skills. He took extra training classes on his own personal time and was able to teach training courses in several firefighting disciplines. In addition to all of this‚ Brian found the time to prepare intensely for the upcoming lieutenant’s exam scheduled for October 2001. Brian’s main goal as a firefighter was realized in late July 2001‚ when he was assigned to the elite Rescue One in Manhattan. It was another dream come true for Brian.

Brian loved outdoor activities. Snowboarding was probably his favorite. Skiing‚ mountain biking‚ climbing‚ scuba diving and rafting were also interests he shared with his many friends. Traveling to new places always excited him. Just mention a trip and he’d be packing his bag.

His parents Ed‚ retired Captain‚ FDNY‚ and Mary Ann‚ his sister Lynn and brother Matt‚ and the special person in his life‚ his girlfriend Melissa‚ were all important to him. Brian liked to have a good time and enjoyed being around people‚ especially family and friends.

He looked forward to‚ and helped organize‚ firehouse dinner dances and picnics. He was always enthusiastic about neighborhood block parties and backyard barbeques. His big blue eyes and crooked smile will always be remembered to those who knew and loved him.

– Mary Ann Sweeney

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  1. Today I climbed 110 flights and rang the bell on the flight that the firefighters reached before beginning to fight fire. What an honor it was to carry FF Brian Sweeney’s passport in gis remembrance. May he rest easy, but never be forgotten.

    – Miranda Turner
  2. I climb last 2 years for you in kcmo It is an honor to finish your climb. Until we meet at the gates we will train and fight to save those who are in need.

    – john cline
  3. This will be the 5th year in a row that I climb the 110 stories in your memory Brian. It’s been an honor and privilege to finish your climb and to share your story.
    Miles Sweeney

    – Miles T Sweeney
  4. Today I climbed 110 flights in Brian’s honor. It was an emotional climb at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI. It was an honor and a privilege to finish your climb. I was not alone as there were may fraternal bothers and sisters that made that climb today with me. Ringing the bell in your honor was bittersweet. May you rest in peace and never be forgotten for your courage and sacrifice. God Bless.

    – Jennifer Thompson
  5. This year I did my first stair climb and had the honor of carrying Brian’s tag. Rest easy brother, we’ll take it from here

  6. Tomorrow I will climb the equivalent of 110 flights of stairs at Red Rocks in Colorado. Today I was given a badge with the photo of Brian E. Sweeney to carry as I climb. It seems so fitting as I read his biography stating he loved outdoor activities. Almost like it was a sign. Red Rocks is one of the most amazing spots in Colorado, just at the foothills of the Rockies. It will be an honor to climb for you. Thank you Brian. God Bless you, your family, and your EMS brothers and sisters.

    – Janette Prokop
  7. I climbed for Brian 110 flights yesterday in remembrance of Firefighter Sweeney. What an honor and privilege to represent him and know that his sacrifice for our country will never be forgotten. My second year in a row, and this year I brought a team. Next year I hope to bring an even bigger team, and bring more attention to the National Fallen Firefighter’s Foundation. My prayers are with your family today as they remember your unconditional love for others.

    – JoAnne Schultz
  8. September 11, 2016 Richmond, Va. SunTrust Center I carried Brian’s tag. It was an honor and a privilege to climb and represent him. Rest in peace brother you will always be missed and never be forgotten.

    – Kevin Kerr
  9. April 28, 2017, FDIC 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Lucas Oil Stadium for Brian. Never Forgotten.

    – Chris Hamlett
  10. September 11, Monday 2017-Today I climbed red rocks for him. I couldnt help but think about what that climb was like for him. And in a small touch of irony i was going through my on this day posts on my facebook from exactly a year ago and found a picture of something i shared. It was a message sent from a man on flight 175 to his wife and his name was also Brian Sweeney. It was an honor to climb for him today. I pray for all the families that lost someone during this tragic event in our history.

    – Kyjah Burandt
  11. Yesterday i climbed for Brian. It was a surreal experience. In a small touch of irony i checked my memories and a year ago on the exact same day i shared a post of a message recorded a man on flight 175 and sent to his wife. His name was also Brian Sweeney. It was an honor to climb for him yesterday. I couldnt help but thint about all the fire fighters who had to climb those stairs. I pray for all the families who lost someone that day.

    – kyjah burandt
  12. September 17 2017

    I climb 110 flights at Sun Trust Building Chattanooga TN for Brian Edward Sweeney. I climb the 110 flights for in remembrance of FF Brian E. Sweeney. It was a honor to finish your climbing you start 9/11 2001.

    Some day I gonna visit your firehouse to honor you with your brothers.

    Rest in peace brother and you will never be forgotten.

    – Robert Persson
  13. Your son, brother and friend is never forgotten at Rescue 1 in Bethesda, Md.

    – John
  14. September 22nd 2018
    I was honored to carry your sons passport and climb 110 stories at Lambeau Field in his honor. It’s Truly special because Brian and I share many interests. Gone but not forgotten.

    – Peter Gundeck
  15. 12APR2019
    I did my first stair climb today at FDIC in Indianapolis. I had the honor of carrying FF Brian E. Sweeney, Rescue 1, passport. You are gone brother but NEVER FORGOTTEN. It was an honor. Thank you!

    – Larry Musser
  16. We will never forget 9/11 and all those firefighters who were lost that day

    – lisa hopman, Quincy Fire Department, California
  17. Today I climbed 110 stories in honor of Brian Sweeney in Dallas TX at the Dallas 9/11 Memorial Stair climb. I am humbled to have had the honor of taking your name to the top Mr. Sweeney. Thank you for your sacrifice. Rest in peace and we’ll take it from here brother.

    – Ivan Solis, Dallas Fire Rescue
  18. September 11, 2019
    18 years later … I have your brother’s (memorial) shirt.
    I have your brother’s story.
    I never met him ; I will “never forget”

    – Margaret Halvey
  19. Wednesday September 11, 2019. My name is Jesse Short and I am from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Today in remembrance of Brian, I had the PRIVILEGE of climbing those stairs and completing the task the Brian was sadly unable to finish. Brian is a legend, hero, selfless man, and will NEVER be forgotten. Today along with other fellow cadets, we climbed our tower for fallen firefighters. I am excited to say that I ascended 110 flights of stairs and also descended 110 flights for a total of 220. Brian! I hope I did you proud buddy and I am excited to be adding to your legacy each year. I will be doing the climb for you every year as long as my body is willing. #FallenButNeverForgotten. Rest In Peace my brother!

    – Jesse Short
  20. On Friday I took a trip into NYC from Rural Pa. my maiden name is Sweeney. I walked up to the footprint of the tower and walked straight to Brian’s name. I was flabbergasted when The first name I saw in the memorial was Brian Edward Sweeney. And I hoped that somewhere along the our ancestor line that we may have been related, as I would truly be proud to be a relative of this brave young man who gave his life to Save others. Prayers and thoughts to his family.

    – Colleen E Sweeney -Fritz
  21. Hope Phyllis writing the memorial to your son didn’t upset you. It was simply to honor him. She wrote too much. She lives in her past. Always has. Found you online. She found me after 40 years. Please accept my apology. I’m proud to say I knew the father of a hero. You both must have done a wonderful job raising him.

    – Elllen Royston
  22. Hope you received my card. I noticed Brian entered on your birthday. He sounds just like you.

    – Ellen Royston
  23. You will always be a hero. Your bravery, caring for humanity and strength will be written in history books . I hope young people think of joining the FDNY when they get old enough.

    I didn’t know you personally, but I will never forget what you have done for the city where I came from.

    – Ellen Royston
  24. Today I had the privilege to complete a 110 flight stair climb In honor of Brian Sweeney. It was truly a humbling experience and an honor. No words can be spoken to express the selflessness displayed on that day of 9/11 when he strapped on his gear for the last time and went to work to save people he never met or knew. I believe there’s a special place in heaven for Mr. Sweeney. I’m so happy to have wore his name today to help make sure he was honored and help everyone to never forget!

    – Joseph Dickerson
  25. I had the honor of climbing for Firefighter Brian Sweeney this year at our 9/11 Stair Climb in Black Hawk, CO. Reading about Brian, I couldn’t help but think that I would have loved to train with him. May he rest easy, and my thoughts go out to his family.

    – Lindsey Sweeney
  26. 9/11/23 – Today, I climbed 110 flights at Fritz-Walter-Stadium in Kaiserslautern, Germany in honor of Brian…never forgotten.

    – Mark Banua