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Brian J. Buss

Brian J. Buss

  • Crew Chief
  • Neptune Aviation Services, Inc., USDA Forest Service Contractor
  • Montana
  • Age: 32
  • Year of Death: 2009

Brian J. Buss will forever be in our hearts and memories. Born on January 2‚ 1977 in Nazareth‚ PA to Joe and Cindy Buss. From the start Brian was bound and determined to make is own path in life.

Through his journey he had many accomplishments. One of his biggest and most proud accomplishments was his family. Brian married Trina and proceeded to have two beautiful children‚ Hannah and Madalynn. His daughters were his heart and soul. He wanted nothing more than to give them everything. While on the road fighting wild fires he made sure to call home every night and tell ‘his girls’‚ ‘Daddy loves you‚ bigga much. Sweet dreams.’

Brian entered Pennsylvania School of Technology‚ Penn State as a non-traditional student in their school of Aviation. He would graduate from Penn Tech with a Bachelors Degree‚ Summa Cumlaude and receive is A&P certification.

Brian did not seek a career in firefighting‚ but it was in the cards. Brian wanted to move to Montana after graduating from Penn Tech. His wife said he had to find a job first. So he did. Brian was hired by Neptune Aviation Services in Missoula‚ Mt. Where he became a crew chief‚ aircraft mechanic and avionics technician. Working for Neptune allowed Brian to fulfill a life long dream of working on aircraft and living in Montana. Being a part of the firefighting community was an added bonus that he learned to love.

There was nothing that he didn’t enjoy doing. Brian loved to smile‚ laugh and sing music. Whether it was outside fishing‚ hunting ‚ sitting by the fire pit‚ watching sport on TV or playing games. Above all Brian enjoyed spending time with family and friends. His home was always open to anyone that wanted good food and to share stories and laughter.

The night before Brian died he told his wife ‘I’m completely content and happy with my life.’ On April 25‚ 2009‚ Tanker 42 was dispatched to a ranch fire in New Mexico. The plane crashed just outside of Stockton‚ Utah. His family is blessed to be able to say ‘Brian lived his life to the fullest‚ and died doing what he loved to do.’ This is such a small glimpse of his amazing life. He touched thousands of people with is warm and caring heart and laughter. We all love and miss you‚ Brian. We look forward to the day we see you again. For now we must find a way to move forward. But your memory and love will always be in our hearts.

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