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Bruce A. Stayner

Bruce A. Stayner

  • Lieutenant
  • Scioto Township Fire Department
  • Ohio
  • Age: 49
  • Year of Death: 2014

You cannot talk about Scioto Township Fire without mentioning the name Bruce Stayner. Lieutenant Stayner was not just a firefighter; he was the face of the department. He was the one the community saw most often, helping with numerous organizations and involvement in the community. He was a member of the fire service for 30 years.

Bruce’s love for firefighting was a lifelong commitment. His father was a firefighter, and both of his sons earned their EMT status. He was so proud of both of his sons’ achievements. Just one month before Bruce’s death, he got to see his youngest son get accepted into the Dayton Fire Academy.

He met his wife, Gwen, in high school, and they enjoyed 30 years of married life together. They did everything together, from volunteering to service to their community to their annual day after Thanksgiving shopping trip. He would joke that he had three jobs on the shopping trip—park the car, get a cart, and get in line. Bruce and Gwen were together most of the time when they weren’t at work. Every morning it was a kiss and, “See you later.” as he went to work.

They had two children, Kevin and Matthew. Although anybody that knew Bruce and his wife knew that they considered their niece, Nichole, and their nephew, Andrew, their kids also. Bruce was so proud of his children and grandchildren and was always there to help with whatever they needed. Kevin would say that he could call his dad about the house or a vehicle and tell him what kind of sound it was making ,and Bruce would tell him what needed fixed. Bruce had the joy of serving alongside Matthew and Andrew on Scioto Township Fire Department.

Bruce had the joy of becoming a grandpa just seven short months before his death. Charles “Logan“ Stayner came into our lives, and Bruce was so proud of this little boy and got to enjoy him, if only for a little while.

Bruce always had a smile and was always willing to help everyone do anything that was asked of him, most times neglecting projects that needed finished at his own house. We joke that he was the “king of unfinished projects.”

He enjoyed cooking, camping, and gardening. He was proud of his garden, growing tomatoes. He would pick the tomatoes and share them with everyone he knew. He took pride in doing things for others.

The day Bruce passed away, our family was forever changed. Bruce thought of his fire department and community as his family as well. We all have such great memories of Bruce. “This is not goodbye; it’s see you later.”

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