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National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Roll of Honor

Deputy Chief
Age: 54
Year of Death: 2001

Charles L. Kasper

Charlie loved rescue and special operations. Originally assigned to Ladder #1‚ one of the early tower ladders in the city‚ he responded to many Hi-Rise fires including one for the very first fires at the twin towers. As Lieutenant at Squad #1 and later as Captain of Rescue #1 in Manhattan‚ he continued to go to ‘Big’ fires‚ including the Empire State Building Fire and the ’93 bombing of the World Trade Center.

He traveled to Worcester‚ Massachusetts to assist in rescue on their darkest day and he and Chief Ray Downey devised a plan on Father’s Day 2001 to rescue their fallen brothers trapped and killed in a hardware store fire in Queens‚ New York. Both on Father’s Day and on September 11‚ Charlie was home with his family when his beeper rang and he responded to the call.

On the 11th‚ his response was to be both professional and personal. We had just received a call from our daughter‚ mother to Charlie’s most precious grandson‚ Dylan‚ who lives a mere 6 blocks from the World Trade Center and who‚ on an early morning walk with the baby‚ had seen the plane fly into the tower. She was crying and not knowing the full scope of the attack at that moment. Charlie told her that he’d be coming to pick up her and the baby‚ after he finished up at the World Trade Center. His aides were meeting him on the plaza with his gear. He was in his car in a flash with me calling after him not to try ‘any daring rope rescues down to the burning fuselage.’ and ‘Love you.’

As I watched‚ the horror unfold before me on the TV and as the children were evacuated with masks and finally made it home. We were all together but I knew he was gone. The moment the North Tower fell‚ my spine went weak and I knew that the man I knew and loved for 38-years was gone. As were those beautiful towers that he loved so much.

Memorial Posts


Memorial Wall

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  1. Today I climbed in remembrance of Charles Kasper at Bay View Middle School #NeverForget

    – Ali vieau
  2. My name is Sophia and I climbed 78 stairs in you honor

    – Sophia decaster
  3. I climbed in remembrance of you today at Bay View Middle School – 2016- never forget.

    – Kalina Berg
  4. Hi my name is Bergen. Today I ran 78 flights of stairs at Bay View Middle School, in your honor. Never Forget?

    – Bergen
  5. My name is Derek and I climbed 78 flights of stairs for your rememberence. 9/11 2016. Never forget.

    – Derek
  6. This past September 11th i climbed in honor Charles Kasper. May we never forget.

    – Dan
  7. I climbed this years Memorial stair climb at the NY Chief show in honor of Chief Charles Kasper. Never Forgotten.

    – Joseph Bright
  8. I was honored to do my first climb on your behalf today. May peace be with your family.

    – Kristin H
  9. Today I participated in the 2018 Melbourne Firefighter Stair Climb. 28 floors in full firefighters kit with CABA donned and started. I was honoured to climb in the memory of Charles L Kasper. Never forget.

    – Leon Cray
  10. I was mr jaspers student in seventh grade All the students loved him I remember we made a bet with him for a quarter on the Muhammad Ali and Joe Frasier fight He lost the bet and brought in a bag of quarters to pay us students He was a kind and uplifting human being I’ll never forget him

    – Gladys Cepeda
  11. Today I did the 911 Challege in Tucson,
    Arizona 2018 in honor of Charlie. He is not forgotten and your family is in my prayers today!

    – Jennifer Moore
  12. Today I did the 2018 911 challenge at the U of A in your honor. Never forget. God bless your family today.

    – Nicole
  13. Does butterfly kisses mean something to anyone on here

    – Nancy Evers
  14. Today I am climbing 110 flights of stairs in honor of Charles in Atlanta! ❤️

    – Dawn Klepinger
  15. Today I climbed 110 stories for you sir. We will never forget.

    – Michael Cain Harrison
  16. Today in Midland Texas, I was honored to climb in remembrance of your dear husband. He sounds like an amazing man and I cant wait to meet him one day and thank him in person for all the lives he saved.

    – Harmonie Byers
  17. Today I walked 110 flights of stairs at Lambeau Field in Green Bay WI in honor of Charles L. Kasper. Never Forget. Prayers to your family. 9/7/2019

    – Suzanne Mullins
  18. Today I climbed 110 flights of stairs in your honor at the OKC 9/11 stair climb in full bunker gear.

    – Matthew Leon
  19. This year (7/9/19) I climbed the Melbourne Firefighter Stairclimb (28 floors in full kit) in honour of Charles. Gone but never forgotten

    – Trent Battisson
  20. On September 7th I climed in Tribute and Memory of Charles L. Kasper at the 2019 9/11 Stair Climb at Lameau Field in Green Bay, Wi. On Sunday and Monday I climbed again, for all 343 that lost their lives that day.

    – Heather Bellah
  21. Played bb with Charlie in college. We were starting guards and roomed together on road trips. Paths separated and lost touch. Discovered a freshman yearbook with pics of Charlie the other day. Good to remember our times on and off the court. Think of him often.

    – Mike Baker
  22. I will climb 110 floors in your honor. I have grandkids and would have said the same thing to them!
    I have been a fireman for 27 years and loved it all!

    – Blake Mortensen
  23. I’ve climbed 110 flights of stairs the past 5 years, and did the Tunnel to Towers 5k in full turnout gear in honor of Deputy Chief Kasper. It has been an honor and I will continue to do so every year.

    – Adam Anderson
  24. I was a year ahead of Charlie at Brooklyn Prep and think of him every time 911 is mentioned …impossible to think of him and not smile. (TUNNELS 2 TOWERS)

    – Carl Palminteri
  25. I too remember Charlie well from my Brooklyn Prep days. He was a seriously good basketball player with an infectious smile and many friends. Sad to learn of his passing on 911, but not surprised that he was a kind hero.

    – Nick Coti
  26. I climbed in remembrance of Charles Kasper; I had the honor of saying his name over a loud speaker twice and ring a bell. Such an amazing and honoring experience. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. You are remembered.

    – Lauren Patterson
  27. Today I climbed 110 stories at Lambeau Field in honor of Charles. Twenty years later he is not forgotten.

    – Rob Carlon
  28. Hello, this year I participated in the 110 story climb to honor all of the brave men and women who lost their lives on 911. This year I was honored and humbled to wear your badge. I just want your family to know you will never be forgotten and I will keep your badge with me for a very long time. Thank you for your bravery. Sept 11 2021

    – Stacy Franklin
  29. Hello, this year I participated in the 110 story climb to honor all of the brave men and women who lost their lives on 911. This year I was honored and humbled to wear your badge. I live across the country in Spokane, WA. I just want your family to know you will never be forgotten and I will keep your badge with me for a very long time. Thank you for your bravery. #never forget

    – Stacy franklkn
  30. 2022- Ran with Tunnels to Towers today in McDonough Georgia. I had on Battalion Chief Charles Kasper’s badge. Was honored to do it. May we
    never forget. Prayers for his family and for the
    Brothers/Sisters of the FDNY

    – Brandon Smith
  31. This was the first year I attended the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. Prior to participating, I told my family about the event and at that time, my mother, Victoria Piccione, began to tell me more about her personal 9/11 memories and shared that she went to grammar school with Charles Kasper. At the event, I wore his badge and climbed 110 flights of stairs in his honor.

    – Vanessa Moran
  32. Never forget our times on the basketball courts in south Brooklyn. Honor to have been a friend

    – Vincent Visco
  33. There us not a 9/11 that goes by that I do not remember “Mr. Kasper”, my amazing 7th & 8th grade teacher at St.Mary’s School in Brooklyn. He helped transform a very shy insecure girl into a confident girl ready to tackle high school. It may sound very minor but every youth needs a mentor to guide you and he was that teacher that left an indelible impact on my life. I’m sure he touched and impacted so many more people before this unthinkable act took him away. Always thankful and in my prayers.

    – Mary Anne Kukura Langone
  34. This weekend I completed the Columbus 911 Stair Climb in your honor Sir. You are not forgotten.

    – Jennifer Reynolds
  35. Today I climbed in remembrance of Charles Kasper at Kroger feild, May we never forget

    – Jordan Black