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Age: 44
Year of Death: 2001

Charles W. Garbarini

Charles W. Garbarini‚ 44‚ lieutenant‚ FDNY‚ Battalion 9 in Manhattan. Garbarini and his wife of five years have two children. He was nicknamed ‘The Comedian’ because of his great sense of humor. He developed it growing up in a family with nine children.

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  1. Today I wear the memorial bracelet that bears your name. I will never forget the sacrifice you made or the loved ones who still mourn your loss. Your motto, “You light ’em, we fight ’em” remains in my heart.

    – Lori
  2. Today I wear a memorial badge with your name and smiling face. I was just a boy in 2001, but I will forever carry the events and tears from that day. I enlisted into the military and fought in your name; as well as the many other Americans that lost their life that day. You will never be forgotten.

    – Sean
  3. This 15 year anniversary of 9/11 I wore a “Never Forget” badge for Charles W. Garbarini at the Red Rocks Memorial Stair Climb in Colorado. Charles is not forgotten!

    – Hugh
  4. I took a photo at the memorial today and just by chance it included your name. Rest in peace hero, not forgotten

    – Ken Glenwright
  5. I wear your name on my 911 bracelet. I thank you.

    – Sheri fisher
  6. Today I wore your name on my tag in the 9/11 memorial hike in your honor. Thank you for your sacrifice.

    – Cole Gearhart
  7. Today I wore a badge with your name and your face on my helmet today in honor of your sacrifice to save many that was in the world trade center! I still remember that day very clear and will never forget it. Thanks for your service and rest easy my brother! Mebane Fire Department

    – Spencer
  8. Today I was honored to be able to wear your badge during Green Bay Wisconsin’s Lambeau Stair climb memorial 2017. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. You will never be forgotten ❤ RIP Lt. Garbarini.

    – Jessica Behling
  9. I did the 911 Memorial Stair Climb in Green Bay yesterday wearing a badge with your name and picture clipped to my station uniform. Ready easy my brother.

    – Jim Gaulke
  10. My kids met your kids in Pleasantville. We moved to Connecticut but we all became firefighters mostly because of you. We think about you all the time.

    – Dave Woll
  11. I met your wife today. She’s delightful! We shared stories, laughed and shared inspirations. She showed me pictures of your boys! Oh how grown they have gotten! Thank you for your service my military family salutes you! Your spirit lives on.

    – Kimberly
  12. Today I’m honoured to wear your name during a memorial stair climb in Melbourne, Australia.
    Rest In Peace Lt. Garbarini

    – Matt
  13. I climbed today for Lt. Charlie Garbarini in the mountains of Nederland, CO. I honored your ultimate sacrifice today and send my best thoughts to your family and friends. We will never forget.

    – Lindsey Sweeney
  14. I wore your badge today, and we ran the memorial run tonight (20 years…wow) in Columbia, SC.

    – Stephen Collins
  15. Today 9/11/21, I walked for Lt. Charles W. Garbarini at Run for the Fallen WI 5K in Kronenwetter WI near Wausau. Our family beagle walked along too and brought a lot of laughs as she tried to sniff out anything edible along the route. 20 years seems so long ago and yet just like yesterday. Honored to remember him and all FDNY, NYPD, NY Port Authority and all first responders who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Prayers to the families of all who’s lives were changed that day.

    – Christina Schmidt
  16. Today I continue to wear a bracelet with your name on it. I have warn this bracelet for 20 years, to honor you for your sacrifice. I will never forget and will carry you with me the rest of my life. God bless you and your family.

    – Chani Anderson
  17. Yesterday I honored you and thought of your family while wearing your badge at the Lambeau field stair climb. It was the hardest physical thing I have ever done but no way was I going to stop. I imagine your family thinks of you every single day. God bless.

    – Julie Russell
  18. Representing Charles at the Springfield Missouri Memorial Stair Climb 2021. Gone but never forgotten.

  19. Today on the 20th anniversary I wear your badge at the memorial stair climb. When I stood for your name I felt so heavy hearted. I felt honored. We will never forget the sacrifice you made. Your family or your dedication to your duty. You will never be forgotten.

    – Randee
  20. We will not forget.
    Bishop, CA memorial climb

    – Madill
  21. Hi, I did the Charleston Stair-climb today and wore his badge ! I lost my only child when I was 44. I’m still here fighting the good fight remembering the fallen. He will never be forgotten! Do Good Be Good Never Quit

    Kara S Majewski
  22. Yesterday 09/10/2022, I carried a badge with your smiling face on it. I walked the equivalent of 110 flights of stairs in honor of you. I rang with bell at the 78th floor and said your name. Your work and dedication will never be forgotten.

    – Hailey
  23. I remember playing jump rope and sculls in the sidewalk and playing with our Spaulding ball on the front stoops and sidewalks.

    You and your family still part of me.

    – Pauline Hnatow
  24. Today I was honored to wear your name as I participated in the 2023 Clayton (MO) 911 Memorial Stair Climb. #911neverforget

    – Tiffani Frankenberg
  25. I wore your name today, 9/11/23. 22 kindergarten students in Plantation, Florida prayed for you and your family. Your sacrifice is not forgotten.

    – Andrea Saucedo