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National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Roll of Honor

Age: 36
Year of Death: 2012

Chris ‘Goody’ Good

Captain Chris Good found his love for the fire service at a very young age. He watched his uncles and father become active in local fire companies and looked up to their examples and leadership his whole life.

He began his journey at Ridge Fire Company in 1991 at age 15. It was here he started to see the meaning of the word brotherhood. In 1995‚ Chris joined Lionville Fire Company‚ where he held the positions of lieutenant and captain. But he found his home in 2002 with the West Chester Fire Department at Good Will Fire Company. He made it his mission to train the men and women of the West Chester Fire Department and the numerous other companies he belonged to in the Chester County area. He was called upon often to help with their training drills because of his knowledge of the fire ground.

In 2006‚ Captain Good received the opportunity to do what he loved every day when he obtained a job at Arcelor Mittal Steel Plant in Coatesville as a career firefighter. Accepting this job cemented the fact that Captain Good had brought his love of the fire service into every aspect of his life.

Captain Good loved fire prevention and going to local elementary schools to work with the kids on keeping them and their families safe. He was proud to be part of the West Chester Fire Department’s 100% Volunteer Certification in 2010.

Captain Good was a true leader and led by example. He was often seen leading a group at a training or a fire call‚ asking questions of the group to make every experience one of learning. He pushed everyone around him to be their best‚ the best he saw within them.

Captain Good set goals for himself. He worked several years as a lieutenant at Good Will Fire Company and was honored to be voted into the position of captain in 2012 by his peers. It was one of his proudest accomplishments

Captain Good had the same love and dedication to his family as he did the fire service. He often brought his children to the fire house‚ chasing them from one apparatus to another and answering all their questions. Seeing their interest in the fire service brought him such joy. He wanted his children to know he did what he loved every day‚ not because of the recognition‚ but because of his love of the fire service.

Captain Good leaves a lasting legacy in the smiles of his children and in all who knew him. His remarkable work ethic‚ dedication to teaching and training‚ and friendship are deeply missed by his family‚ the West Chester Fire Department‚ and beyond.

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  1. I am (well was before she moved) bestfriends with his daughter, Ryenn Sovich. (Or Ryenn Good,) if she sees this, I miss u ryenn!!

    – Makayla