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Assistant Chief/EMS Director
Age: 33
Year of Death: 2008

Christa Dawn Burchett

Submitted by her Mother

Early one crisp winter morning‚ Christa Dawn Burchett set out to do what she has spent most of her adult life doing‚ saving a life. A 911 call for help‚ which started out like most other calls‚ ended very differently and changed the lives of all who knew and loved Christa.

Christa Dawn (Lemaster) Burchett was born September 2‚ 1974‚ in Columbus‚ Ohio‚ to Redford and Melinda Lemaster. She was their first child and their only daughter. Redford and Melinda watched Christa grow from a young child who was always willing to lend a hand‚ to a strong woman who went above and beyond daily. At the age of 18‚ Christa became a mother when she had her daughter‚ Olivia Burchett. Christa always placed Olivia and her needs first; she was a mother first and foremost. Christa took great pride in the relationships she had with her family and cherished her friends dearly.

In 2003‚ Christa became a paramedic‚ and in August 2005‚ she began working with the Paintsville Fire Department and EMS. Less than two years later‚ Christa was named assistant fire chief and director of the emergency management services and rescue services. Christa loved working with the EMS and was grateful that she could offer comfort and help to those in need.

On the morning of January 22‚ 2008‚ Christa responded to a call for help from a young mother-to-be who had lost control of her car on an icy road. She rushed to the scene in an ambulance and was helping the young woman to get into the ambulance. At the same moment‚ a tractor-trailer loaded with coal began sliding on the highway and hit Christa and the mother-to-be. The mother was killed on impact. Christa died at Paul B. Hall Regional Medical Center in Paintsville at 10:04 a.m.

Christa’s name and legacy will live on through the lives and people she has touched. Christa left too early‚ and not a day goes by that her family and friends don’t think of her and miss her dearly. Christa left behind a beautiful daughter‚ Olivia Burchett (16)‚ who had to grow up way too soon. Being left without a mother at such a young age has changed her life forever. Christa’s parents‚ Redford and Melinda‚ miss her more with each passing day. Her brother and sister-in-law‚ Redford and Jennifer‚ have a huge void in their lives.

Christa’s friends and coworkers have also been impacted by her absence and have promised to ensure that her dedication and devotion to caring for others will continue through them. In Memory of Unit 106‚ Christa Dawn Burchett.

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  1. Linda e triste história. Que Deus conforte a todos.

    – Leciane
  2. I love ya boss. Miss ya

    – Just me. PFD
  3. Hard to believe it’s been 14 years. Miss your smile and your late night calls turning in the bad guy. Fly high Hero….we still miss you and you’ve not been forgotten.

    – Tom Wyatt