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Age: 28
Year of Death: 2001

Christian Michael Otto Regenhard

Firefighter Christian M.O. Regenhard was a probationary firefighter and had graduated from the Fire Academy just six weeks before September 11. He was also a Marine Corps veteran‚ a mountain climber‚ an artist and writer‚ a world traveler‚ a loving friend to many‚ and a brother and a son deeply loved by his sister and parents. He loved to travel to South America and this enabled him to help other probies in his class with a Spanish session during their final days of training. His firehouse nickname was ‘Braveheart.’

Memorial Posts


Memorial Wall

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  1. I ran 78 flights of stairs in remembrance of you- Never Forget

    – Carter
  2. I ran flights of stairs in remembrance for all that you did-Never Forget

    – Mitchell
  3. I climbed stairs for you today so you will never be forgotten thank your for everything you did for use

    – Ian williams
  4. I climbed stairs in your remembrance today at Bay View Middle School – 2016

    – Allysa
  5. I climbed in remembrance of you today at Bay View Middle. – Never Forget

    – Emma
  6. I carried your photo and walked at a remembrance memorial for you today. My husband and father are both firefighters. I will remember you

    – Jaime richardson
  7. I climbed 110 stories in honor of Christian Regenhard, Lad.131

    – Michael Rutkowski
  8. I honor you my brother by never forgetting and always sharing your story.
    “Semper Fi”

    – Michel Bergren U.S.M.C.
  9. I carried your photo and hiked to the top of Snow King Mountain in Jackson, Wyoming – the equivalent of 110 flights of stairs. You will not be forgotten. 9/11/2018

    – Trisa DiPaola
  10. I climbed in your honor today and carried you with my in Phoenix. 9/8/3019 ❤️

    – Jen Goetzke
  11. I carried your photo today during Shoshone Fire district 1’s memorial stair climb.
    It was a great honor.

    – Tyler Rotchford
  12. on Sept 12th. 2020 in Oklahoma City I will climb 110 flights of stairs for you. Full gear and pack. Gone but never forgotten. We’ll take the watch from here brother

    – Glen Wallis
  13. Tomorrow I will be climbing 1980 stairs in your honor. Thank you for your service.

    – Elizabeth
  14. Hey Christian. Your name and picture are clipped on my locker at my firehouse. I climbed to remember you for the last 3 years. My biggest regret from this year was not being able to say your name at the end of my climb. I just want you to know, as long as I breathe, your name will not be forgotten.

    – Stephen
  15. I did your hero wod today. My suffering is the gratitude I show.

    – Will
  16. I attended your funeral…never forgotten.

    – Nixon
  17. Thinking of you all during these hard memories in time. Please know that EVERY year I think of you all and pause and reflect on that day. I hope you will take some comfort in knowing that I have grown a Monarch Butterfly Garden in our backyard and whenever I see Monarchs I know that it’s a sign from Christian.

    – Amy Grady, BSW
  18. Christian, I named m second son after you. He’s a Crohns warrior. His name is Christian Michael Perez .

    – Lori John
  19. I just heard your name read on the 20th anniversary. Thank you for your service in the Marines and for giving it all in your short but heroic life as a fire fighter. God bless your soul and my God give your family peace knowing you are in a better place and lived as a hero until the end.
    Christian Michael Kotscher

    – Christian Michael Kotscher
  20. It’s been 20 years but your memory lives on. I walked 110 stories for you today at Lambeau Field, the home of the Green Bay Packers. It was an amazing experience. Thank you for your service, both in the Marines and as a NY Fire Fighter, and for loving life so much that you sacrificed yours for others. Gone but never forgotten!

    – Shelley
  21. My condolences to the family. Thank you for your service and ultimate sacrifice. May you rest in peace and the Perpetual Light shine upon you. May your loving memory be a source of comfort to all who keep you alive in their hearts.

    – Steven Berardi
  22. Christian, I carried your picture and climbed 110 stories on 9/11/21 at Salt Riven Fields in Scottsdale, AZ. You will never be forgotten. Nicole D.

    – Nicole D.
  23. I am a volunteer firefighter from lower chichester fire department in Linwood Pennsylvania. On Friday 4/29/22 I participated in the 110 flight stair climb at FDIC it was an honor to represent you, Never forget!

    – Michelle Hibbs-Lamplugh
  24. You were assigned to me as my firefighter for a 110 flight stair climb in 2014. I carried you with me and shared your story when I rucked in remembrance of you in 2019 and 2021. And tomorrow I’ll share your story and carry you with me during my 9/11 workout. You are not forgotten.

    – Donna
  25. I am running 5k tomorrow at the Asheville Tunnels to Towers and I was given your picture to pin to my shirt. I love how you lived a full life before it was taken away too soon. May you rest in peace and continue to inspire us to be better humans.

    – Sarah Robinson