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National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Roll of Honor

Age: 42
Year of Death: 2001

Christopher J. Blackwell

Chris Blackwell was a 20 year veteran of the F.D.N.Y, with the last 12 as a member of “Big Blue” Rescue 3. He had been awarded several fire department medals for bravery. He also was a paramedic for 24 years and served in the Air Force for 4 years.

Chris was a key instructor in the F.D.N.Y. Technical Rescue School where he taught Collapse Void Search. Chris had also taught in many different states.

Chris is survived by a wife, two daughters and a son.

Memorial Posts


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  1. Just touched your name on the memorial as it’s the same as my sons best friend thank you for what you did it was a real honour to be close to your memory today my thoughts are with your family your children must be so proud. Regards Dave Middleton UK

    David middleton
  2. Chris –
    You were my first EMT instructor in 1987, and it was an honor to work and learn from you. I was in my medical school rotation watching as Tower II fell, knowing you were somewhere in the fray. 29 years after my first EMT class, I am now the Chief of Emergency Medicine … thank you for giving a stubborn, terrible student the opportunity and faith to start her career in prehospital and emergency medicine.
    God Bless You And Your Family ~ Amy Gutman

    – amy gutman
  3. CHris-
    Today I was honored to climb in your name at the New Orleans memorial stair climb. I brought your name and legacy with me 110 flights. God bless your family.
    —-Firefighter Klein

    – Michael klein
  4. Chris,
    I’m a student at the LBJ Fire Academy and had the honor of writing a summary of your life in memory of the tragic event which occurred years ago. You not only helped and taught many people in your lifetime, but are still an inspiration today for firefighters everywhere.
    Thank you,
    Oscar Hernandez

    – Oscar Hernandez
  5. I think of you every 9/11 and your huge warm smile. What a great spirit.

    – Liz spinella-jones
  6. Today in Green Bay I climbed Lambeau Field in your honor. Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice. God bless and never forget.

    – Melanie Gallman
  7. Christopher,
    Today my brother I will embark on an amazing journey in your name. I will take to the steps of the Lucas Oil Stadium, FDIC Indianapolis. In memory of all that you were and all that you are. Your legacy will continue and on this day it shall be rejuvenated at the FDIC 9/11 memorial stair climb 2019. I shall take pride in this opportunity, I hope to not only do you proud, brother, but also the family you had to leave behind on your journey. God bless you brother.

    – Shaun Magee
  8. I walked in your honor today in Green Bay. It was an honor to do so and the remembrance of the day did not go unnoticed Never forget. ♥️

    – Teresa T
  9. It was an honor to know Ann Cruz. She told us about the rescue. She was trapped in her seat underwater when her plane went off runway many years ago. It took her years to get on a plane again. Our friendship brought a planned trip in October 2001 but little did we all know what would happen September 11. She wanted to see you and introduce me to the man that made our friendship possible. I now honor you along with Ann who has since passed away.

    – MaryAnn
  10. My name is Ryan Conrad and I am the Principal at Pima Junior High School in Pima, AZ. To commemorate the 18th anniversary of the tragic events of September 11, 2001, students from our school and a neighboring school took the steps at our local community college football stadium. Each student and participant were given a name and picture of a first responder who made the ultimate sacrifice that day. I ran the steps in memory of Christopher J. Blackwell.

    Thank you Mr. Blackwell for willing to respond to the call and for your love of your fellow man. To your family, please know how grateful I am for your son, husband and father the hero. It was an honor to run the steps today for you and the memory of Mr. Blackwell. This was a memorable learning event for my students and myself. Thank you to the brave men and women to fight daily on foreign soil to protect our freedom and to the first responders who never fail to answer the call.

    Our school motto this year at Pima Junior High School is “Bring It.” Thank you for your tremendous example of what it means to “Bring It”! God Bless America!!!!

    – Ryan Conrad
  11. Today I climbed in your honor. 78 flights. I felt your presence. And I thank you for your service. I prayed for your family. For the ones you left behind. I pray that they know that you are honored and they find peace.

    – Rachael Beckemeyer
  12. Chris I remember your wonderful spirit as a classmate at Saint Paul the apostle school in NY

    – Robert Fornaby
  13. What a great man. Let’s never forget such a hero. God bless him and God bless all those lives he touched. He’s a great man.

    – Cameron Orion
  14. Chris I remember the friendship we had on Sedgwick Ave in Yonkers NY. We were next door neighbors I lived at 228 Sedgwick Ave, and you lived at 230 Sedgwick. Just 30 feet apart. We were kids. But you made a big change in my life, By helping me from a bunch of bullies while getting my but kicked. I feel it was your wisdom in helping me that day that, made me take Martial Arts and teach martial arts to children that were bullied for 35 years. Rest In Peace my friend you will always be missed, till we meet Again

    – Thomas Foley
  15. Chris,
    I never knew you and have only had the privilege to see you through the hard work and actions of your beautiful daughter, while working with her in the ER. She inherited your bravery and talent and how proud you must be for the example she displays as a nurse. Each year I will remember you and not let you be forgotten!

    – Christi H
  16. Had the honor of walking 110 flights for chris thank you.

    – Austin Rule
  17. RIP Classmate I met Chris in Kindergarten 1965

    – Robert Fornaby
  18. We served together for almost 4 years at the Homestead Air Force Base Fire Department. You went to FDNY. I went to Long Beach Fire Department. You were my friend. I’m fortunate that you called me from Las Vegas when you and your friends were taking a collapsed building class. I drove there to see you and we had dinner, and a few beers, maybe more, together. It was just a year or so before 9-11-01. I thank God that you called me to tell me that you were going to drive to see me. But I drove there to see you. I miss you my friend. I’ll see you again. God Bless you Chris.

    – Keith Sterbling
  19. I worked with Chris at Danbury ambulance when I was first starting my career in healthcare. He was so much fun, such a great teacher and mentor, and so very funny! He taught me some exceptionally important lessons about taking care of yourself in human services and as a first responder. I think of him so often and remember his stories but especially the way he gave them! Every time I see a picture of a firefighter walking into the trade center, his face comes into my mind and I know he must have been very aware of what might, and probably would, happen. But he stayed at his post and did what his training had taught him to do and what his heart was made to do. Protect and save others. I learned so many life lessons from this man. I’m proud to have had the privilege and luck to work with him. My prayers are always with you, Chris, and the thought of your face while you were telling a story, always makes me smile. I’m so glad I had the chance to know you and learn from you. Love to you always. Thank you for the lessons. You made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of others. Your contributions to my nursing career are a precious gift.

    – Lee Siuzdak
  20. We dated in high school….briefly, casually.
    Chris and I ended up just as friends. The last time we spoke was when he was
    stationed in Alaska with the U.S. Air Force. He missed home.

    I got to know Chris’s tremendous loyalty… to all things he was part of…. his family, his school, his football team, his friends, his volunteer fire dept., his country.
    He came from a line of people in service, risking their lives for others.

    In his obituary, his mom said, “he lived and died with purpose.”
    And she said he was always fearless.

    Chris, you lived and died a hero and the world needs more human beings like you… with that level of courage. Honored to have known you. Anyone that did, knows you were trying your damnedest at the towers.

    Thank you for that.

    We won’t forget.

    – Daryn
  21. Chris, I just learned that you were a member of FDNY and perished at the 9/11 collapse. We were stationed together at Galena AFS AK. (Air Force 1981) R.I.P. brother and God Bless.

    – Greg Serrano
  22. Just visited you today… Thank you for your dedication, a true hero. Miss by many in NF

    – Christopher Norton
  23. Chris and I served in the United States Air Force as firefighters . We attended boot camp and tech school together. Then we were fortunate enough to spend a year together stationed at Galena AFS 1981-1982. Chris was a fun and crazy buddy to hang out with ! Chris’s father was FDNY, and my father was LAFD Firefighter. We loved to talk above follow in our father’s footsteps……we both did….and now our sons serve as well. I look back fondly on the time I spent with Chris as kids in the fire service……what an honor it was to serve with him and call him my friend….RIP, until we meet again…….

    – Derek L Tisinger
  24. I climbed a tower in Charlotte with Chris’ picture and his story in my heart. It will remain there always with gratitude and prayers for his family. 05.01.2022

    – Kara Reester
  25. I never met you but was moved by your heroics on 9/11. I say hello & thank you to you Chris everyday during my morning walk– by your personalized brick @ the 9/11 memorial at Sherwood Island State Park in CT. Thank you sir for your bravery, you will not be forgotten…..

    – SHAY B
  26. Thank you/Love you/ Miss you/ and most importantly God bless You. RIP. Brother

    – Greg
  27. Hearing your story now on Koncrete podcast. You’re bravery is missed… Thank you and thank God for you.

    – Darci B. Price
  28. I am with the public safety program at olathe west in olathe ks training to be a firefighter and today I climb for Christopher J. Blackwell to remember his name and sacrifice

    – Michael oyler
  29. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

    – Constance Keller
  30. October 5, 2023 I saw your name on the memorial and wanted you to know I remember you still today. Thank you for your service. Your family should send your photo to this website.

    Jennette Kulik