Roll of Honor

Christopher P. Truman

Christopher P. Truman

  • Captain
  • Lake Mills Fire Department
  • Wisconsin
  • Age: 46
  • Year of Death: 2018

Captain Christopher P. Truman lived his life to serve others. He was kind, loving, fair, honest, and a leader. Chris had a way about him that immediately made you feel like you had known him your entire life. He forged friendships wherever he traveled. Chris always pushed himself to his full potential, never allowing himself to make excuses. He believed education was a top priority and took continuing education classes for the fire department until his last day.

Chris decided to join the Cambridge Fire Department in 2001 after watching the 9-11 attack on the news. He told his dad he had to help in some way and joining the fire department was the perfect fit for him. After a few years he moved to Lake Mills, where he joined their fire department and served faithfully for 13 years until his untimely death.

Chris’s final act of kindness was on December 31, 2018, when he stopped to help a young woman who had lost control of her car on a busy highway during a snowstorm. The woman was in shock, walking around her car. Chris positioned his truck to protect her and proceeded to turn on his emergency lights. He walked over to the driver and, considering her safety only, he convinced her to get back in her car. While Chris was standing on the shoulder talking to the driver, another car approached, swerved to miss Chris’s truck, but then struck Chris and the woman’s car, crushing Chris between the two vehicles. Although Chris survived the ambulance ride to the hospital, he died shortly thereafter.

Chris is deeply missed by his friends, the entire fire department, the community of Lake Mills and, most of all, his fiancée, Amber Turfle, and her three children, who Chris raised as his own over the last ten years. Chris left an impression on our family and the Lake Mills community, witnessed by the fact that the police department will be naming their new K9 dog “Truman.”

Chris did have another passion, competitive bass fishing. He won many tournaments and even made it to the TBF Nationals in Missouri in 2017. Only the top two people from each state could go to the tournament. Chris spent months researching and planning. He proudly took 23rd place out of 100. If Chris wasn’t at home with his family or at the fire station, you could find him on the lake. Chris was full of energy and never stood still. He always wanted to experience everything life had to offer. Chris was an amazing man and will always be in our hearts.

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