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Age: 25
Year of Death: 2010

Christopher Wayne Adams

Chris was an explorer from a young age. While in school‚ he started Boy Scouts. This is where his excitement began. Over the years‚ with family support and a great respect for himself and everyone around him‚ Chris finished and graduated high school and got his Eagle Scout award.

After graduating from high school‚ Chris began a journey that he would enjoy for the rest of his life. Chris began working on a farm close to his parents’ house‚ where he lived. Chris was active in community youth activities as well. He was a dugout dad and coach for the girls’ softball team‚ keeping busy on the farm‚ coaching the softball team‚ and being on the River Bend Fire Department. Chris kept reaching up for the next door to open.

Chris went to work for the Arkansas Forestry Commission in southwest Arkansas. This was just a job for most people‚ but a passion for Chris. After this opportunity was presented to Chris‚ he started at the bottom like everybody has to. He started taking classes that would help him achieve his goal‚ getting his CDL (Commercial Driver’s License)‚ his certification on the dozer‚ and any other equipment that Forestry had to operate. As his passion for this job grew every day‚ Chris still had his eyes open to new ideas and ways to further himself.

While working for the farm‚ Forestry‚ and coaching softball‚ Chris began his schooling to become a police officer. This was just another way to help serve the community in which he lived. Chris excelled in these classes as well. He was scheduled to graduate on August 6‚ 2010‚ with honors. Chris died on August 2‚ 2010‚ just a week before his graduation. Victor Rose‚ the sheriff of LaFayette County‚ presented Chris’s parents with his achievements and retired his badge at his class graduation ceremony.

August 2 was a tragedy for Chris’s family. We also found that it was a tragedy for the community‚ as Chris was loved by everyone that knew him‚ from the Forestry team‚ the police force‚ the fire department‚ and the family he had on the farm. We had no idea the impact Chris had made in his community and the surrounding states.

Chris left a legacy of family‚ friends‚ and achievements that most people can’t achieve in a long lifetime. We are happy to say Chris had done this at the age of 25. Chris was an angel and a hero to everyone.

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  1. You might not be here anymore but none of us sure haven’t forgot you. I Love You with all my heart!

    Your favorite niece!!!

    – Catherine Smith
  2. Chris was one of my best friends he was really more like a brother I love u chris and miss u so much….u will always hold a special place in my heart ….keep my little boy company brother as I sure u are

    – Alicia Poindexter