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Chuck  Hanners

Chuck Hanners

  • Firefighter
  • Coos Bay Fire and Rescue
  • Oregon
  • Age: 33
  • Year of Death: 2002

Submitted by his wife

Chuck Hanners‚ like every other firefighter that responds to an alarm‚ was a hero – soft-spoken‚ energetic‚ extremely dedicated to his wife‚ Kristin‚ and six children‚ fun- loving‚ supportive and full of encouragement to others‚ but a hero for putting his life on the line for others. Chuck was a man whose life was filled with over-whelming challenges and yet he chose to conquer instead of run.

A volunteer firefighter for 13 years‚ nine of which were served for the Coos Bay Fire Department from which Chuck was honored twice as Fireman of the Year by the Department. His goal was to become a full-time fireman and was so excited when he passed his test in June of 2001 to become an EMT Basic that pushed him one step closer to reaching his goal. Normally seen as a quiet‚ gentle-spirited‚ easy going man who loved Jesus‚ but when the fire alarm went off his personality would literally change to one of an aggressive firefighter whose dedication and all out attitude made him a valuable asset to the Department.

Together with his job at Walmart as a department manager‚ firefighting‚ playing roller hockey with other firemen‚ quality time with the family‚…Chuck still found time to give of himself for others in Habitat For Humanity. He helped with dozens of other volunteers to build 6 houses‚ including one for his own family. What a special day it was to move his family of eight out of a very crowded and small three bedroom house to a new four bedroom house that would accommodate their family’s needs.

Chuck Hanners‚ volunteer firefighter and hero‚ lost his life on November 25‚ 2002‚ with two other firemen doing what all of them loved to do – fighting structure fires – when a roof structure collapsed trapping them inside the building. Chuck’s 12-year old son‚ Ryan (1 of 6 children ages six to teens) shares these words of the legacy left behind by his dad: ‘My dad has done too many things to count – he has taught us how to have respect for others and to have manners; to have a kind heart and to love one another.’ Not a bad legacy to leave behind for a man who only lived 33 years. A legacy of a man who cared deeply for others and worked hard to do his best at whatever he did.

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Memorial Wall

  1. I knew Chuck thru his wife and our church. I didn’t know him real well, but I know he was such a soft spoken, kind and sweet person. His was such a huge loss, to his family and friends and to a world with not enough people like him in it. Firefighters, they are a rare but exceptional breed for sure! God bless Chuck and ALL the firefighters that risk everything for those of us they don’t even know.

    – Gigi Cirrincione