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Age: 41
Year of Death: 2001

Daniel E. Harlin

Danny was a great person‚ a wonderful husband and the best father any child could have ever hoped for. He is missed more with each passing day.

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  1. On March 13,2016 I will be joining fellow firefighters from all over in the NYC Firefighters Stair Climb. We will ascend the 72 floors of 4 World Trade Center. I will be climbing in honor of Firefighter Daniel E Harlin on that day. God Bless. Firefighter Michael D Halloran

    – Michael D Halloran
  2. I climbed for Daniel Harlin at Lambeau Field this morning. Every step-Every breath was for you and your family. Thank you for your sacrifice. ❤

    – Sue Patterson
  3. I had the Honor to carry with me FF Daniel E Harlin’s photo at the New Orleans 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb. I carried him with me to honor him and his sacrifice. God bless his family. We will NEVER forget!

    – Jarrod English
  4. It was an honor and privilege to have climbed the San Antonio Tower of Americas for Daniel on September 11, 2017. I want to thank his family and friends for allowing me this honor and I will always remember this day forever his sacrifice will never be forgotten. God bless all of you from myself and the San Antonio Fire Department family.

    – Scott Calame
  5. I climbed for Daniel Harlin at Lambeau Field today! It was an honor. We keep you and your family in our thoughts….you are in our ❤️ Always. Thank you.

    – Hope Wreath
  6. On 9/16/17, I had the honor of calling Daniel E Harlin’s name as I rang the bell at the Lambeau Field stair climb. In the words of my friend and fallen police officer Craig Birkholz…”STAY STRONG, STAY SAFE, STAY POSITIVE” God bless your family
    Deputy Sheriff and Firefighter E.S

    – Eric Strike
  7. On September 9th I will be climbing in Honor of FF Daniel Harlin in the KC Memorial Stair Climb. This will be my first @KC with many to follow I hope. To all the fallen “We Will Never Forget”!

    – Stan Brooks
  8. Today I climbed 110 stories for daniel at the Missouri fire marshal stair climb also climb for fallen heroes John heffernan ladder 11 NYFD and Michael Bocchino

    – Chad ward
  9. I was honored to climb the stairs in honor of Daniel E Harlin today at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Denver Colorado. God bless your family! Thank you for your service and the service of all the men and women that put on this uniform.

    – Katie schneringer
  10. Today I walked in honor of Daniel E. Harlin in my fire gear at Lambeau Field. It was inspiring to walk in memory of all the brave men and women who gave it all that day. Thank you for your service Daniel. We’ll take it from here.

    – Logan Schaefer
  11. Today September 8th 2019 in honor of Daniel Harlin I will be climbing 110 floors at The Town Pavilion in Kansas City MO. This morning as I prepare to go off duty I Thank God for a safe shift and pray for those coming on. We never know what is in store for us so Live Every Day to the fullest no matter what you are going through (sometimes easier said than done). God Bless!

    – Stan Brooks
  12. I had the honor to carry Daniel’s picture in the 2019 Salt River Memorial Climb. God bless him, his family and all the 9/11 victims

    – Joseph Bernal
  13. I had the honor of carrying Daniel Harlin’s picture with me at the Salt River Memorial Climb in Scottsdale, AZ. God bless Daniel, his family and all the other 9/11 victims.

  14. I climbed for Firefighter Harlin at Ref Rocks amphitheater in Colorado on September 11, 2019. I am taking his photo with me today to the IAFF memorial and I found his name on the memorial yesterday. May this brave hero Rest In Peace.

    – Jennifer
  15. 9/11/2020 343 burpees with Daniel clipped to my shirt. In his honor and for his sacrifice. May his memory live on and his sacrifice never be forgotten.

    – Jennifer
  16. Today I climbed in honor of Daniel Harlin at Serna Stadium in Fayetteville, NC. We will never forgot you, Daniel. Today I honored your sacrifice you gave for so many. God bless you.

    – Jessica Butler
  17. I visited NYC some years ago with my daughter, who had been an exchange student in California. Today I had a look at the some of the pictures, and behind her at the Memorial was Daniel O. Harlins name, among others.

    You are heroes!

    – Tor Geir Ødegården
  18. I will be running tomorrow for Danny in the first Tunnel to Towers Run in Utica, NY.

    – Chris Carbone
  19. At my daughters Cross Country meet in St Johns County, Florida, the bibs all have the names of someone that lost their life on 9/11. My daughter’s has Daniel’s name. Thank you for your service Daniel!

  20. First climbed in honor of FF Daniel Harlin in 2017 memorial climb in Atlanta. Carried him with me today again 9/11/2021 in our personal climb in Calhoun Georgia. Thank you for your sacrifice ✝️

    – Dolly Baker
  21. I was able to participate in the 9/11 memorial stair climb at FDIC 2022. I climbed for Daniel Harlin. When I got tired, I thought of Daniel and knew he wouldn’t have given up, so I wasn’t going to give up on him. So honored and humbled to climb for such a remarkable man!

    – Mark Militello
  22. Today I ran in honor of Daniel E Harlin in the Run For The Fallen Race in Kronenwetter, WI 2022. Every step was for you and your family and sacrifice. God Bless ❤️

    – Melissa Best
  23. I carried Daniel Harlin with me during our memorial ruck march at Beale AFB, CA Sept 8, 2023. his sacrifice is inspiring new generations of first responders and airmen to this day. God bless him and his family.

    – Jackson Knox
  24. Thank you and your family for your sacrifice. Wish I knew if there is a family relationship between your Harlin family and mine. My grandfather was Edward Harlin and my son’e name is Daniel. Hope Daniel E. Harlin’s courage and bravery provide great comfort.

    – Carol Harlin Hindle
  25. I climbed in memory of Mr. Harlin 09/09/2023 in Tupelo, Ms at our annual Memorial Stair Climb.

    – Andrea Harrell