Roll of Honor

Daniel Joseph Lucius

Daniel Joseph Lucius

  • Firefighter
  • Carroll Township Fire and EMS
  • Ohio
  • Age: 33
  • Year of Death: 2018

From the time his kindergarten class went on a field trip to a Toledo Fire Station, Dan wanted to become a firefighter. Even though he faced many challenges in his life, he never lost sight of this goal.

Daniel J. Lucius was born on October 16, 1985. As an infant, Dan entered foster care. He was placed with his foster mother, a nurse, who eventually became his adoptive mother. It was a perfect match. She advocated for him, and he developed a “can-do” attitude that served him well throughout his life.

As a young man, Daniel J. Lucius, Oak Harbor, Ohio, started dropping in at the local volunteer fire station and helping however he could. Eventually, he took the classes to become certified as a firefighter in the State of Ohio. It was difficult for him, but he persisted. His proudest moment was when he passed his test and became a member of the Carroll Township Emergency Medical and Fire Service Department. He considered his fellow firefighters to be his brothers and sisters. Dan’s last call came on November 15, 2018. While responding on an unfamiliar, dark, unmarked country road, Dan missed a 90° turn and drove into a pond. Unable to extricate himself from his truck, he called 911, but help did not arrive in time. At the time of his death, he was planning to pursue an EMT certification.

Daniel J. Lucius, age 33, was a people person and a joiner. Dan’s entire adult life revolved around helping people and his community. He was a member of the Knights of Columbus and helped with the annual Lenten fish fry. If you needed your lawn cut, Dan was there with his mower. If you needed help moving, Dan was there with his trailer. For Dan, the highlight of summer was the Ottawa County Fair. He enjoyed it so much that he applied for, and was appointed to, the Ottawa County Fair Board. He served three years. When we lost Dan, we, as a family and a community, lost a gentle, nonjudgmental soul who was a friend to all he met.

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