Roll of Honor

Dannie Lee Claiborne

  • Claiborne County Fire Department, Port Gibson
  • Mississippi
  • Year of Death: 1988

Dannie Lee Claiborne‚ Sr was born December 28‚ 1952. He was the most thoughful person‚ and always helped others when they needed. Dannie loved the world and loved making changes and helping the community of Port Gibson‚ Mississippi. He worked as a firefighter for several years‚ and he loved what he did. Dannie Lee Claiborne‚ Sr. lost his life in the line of duty on Thursday‚ Novernber 24‚ 1988 on Thanksgiving morning. His family: wife; Ouida J. Claiborne; sons; Dannie‚ Jr.‚ Akinyele‚ Antonio‚ and Markus Claiborne will always keep his memories and will keep his passion for helping others as he did.

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Memorial Wall

  1. My brother was my ACE. I am who I am today because of his love.

    – Jackie Claiborne
  2. I will make it my life mission to continue my father’s legacy and serve the community with passion through law and legal justice.

    – Antonio Claiborne