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David A. Mackie

David A. Mackie

  • Firefighter/Paramedic
  • Orange City Fire Department
  • Florida
  • Age: 35
  • Year of Death: 2004

Submitted by his mother

The ‘Mack-Daddy’ got his nickname from his fellow firefighters. The name came about because of his strong English accent. While all the guys always had problems understanding what the heck he was saying‚ the girls loved his accent. Needless to say the ‘Mack-Daddy’ never had any problems when it came to ‘the ladies.’

David Mackie was born in Orlando‚ FL and moved to the Deltona area in 1987 from Dovercourt‚ England. He began his fire career as a volunteer firefighter at Station 31‚ when he was only seventeen. ‘Mack-Daddy’ was known around the firehouse for his humor‚ jokes‚ and his easy-going‚ fun-loving attitude. After being nominated ‘Secretary’ for the volunteer firefighters fund at Station 31‚ he took a lot of ribbing about being a male secretary so David took action. He arrived at the next quarterly meeting in a blue dress with black polka dots and had the whole room roaring with laughter! This is just one of the many jokes Dave pulled on the guys. Even after being appointed to Lieutenant and given new responsibilities‚ he still found a way to be ‘just one of the guys.’

After years with the fire department David went to work for EVAC Ambulance‚ where he became lead medic. David made a lot of friends during his time at EVAC and will always be remembered for his kindness‚ thoughtfulness‚ and selfless doing for others. ‘Mack-Daddy’ spent about eight years with EVAC and working as a medic for The Daytona International Speedway; before he decided to go back to the fire department as a firefighter paramedic.

David was at the Training Academy working toward completion of his fire standards certification when he passed away. Though he was taken from us his memory will live on in each of us‚ for we all have our own unique memories of the wonderful man who was‚ indeed‚ the ‘Mack-Daddy.’

‘For some life lasts a short while‚ but the memories it holds last forever.’

David is survived by his mother‚ Cynthia‚ sister‚ Jane‚ currently living in Deltona‚ Florida‚ brother‚ Keith currently residing in Kissimmee‚ Florida‚ brother‚ Robert who lives in Jacksonville‚ Florida and his nieces and nephews who all currently reside in Florida.

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