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Age: 48
Year of Death: 2013

David Anthony Heath

David Anthony Heath was a brilliant man. He loved a few things that no one could take away from him, like his family, surfing, the ocean, and of course the fire service. He ate it up in every possible way, and those around him knew it and could see it because he leaked it from every pore of his body.

As a baby, his love of the fire service was more than evident with his first words spoken being “Fi tuck..fi tuck,” while he lay on the changing table in his childhood home. From the beginning, David would pay visits to the fire station where his assistant fire chief uncle worked in Wilson, North Carolina, and his love for this profession grew tremendously.

Before graduation from Fayetteville Terry Sanford High School in Fayetteville, North Carolina, David began his distinguished fire service career. In 1984, he joined as a volunteer with Bonnie Doone Fire/Rescue in Cumberland County. In 1985, our family moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, where he eventually joined with Durham Highway Fire/Rescue. Shortly thereafter, he left for the department he so loved, Six Forks Fire/Rescue, where he attained the rank of lieutenant and served for over seven years. He was then hired by the City of Wilson, where he served for two years. Because he missed Raleigh so deeply, David returned to the area and began working for the City of Raleigh Fire/Rescue. David spent many years there, until he was given the opportunity to become employed as an officer with the Town of Morrisville, where he spent three additional years.

He was offered the most important position of his career, as fire inspector/investigator with New Hanover County Fire/Rescue Services in Wilmington, North Carolina, which would be his final assignment. At the time of his passing, David was a fire instructor and training officer for New Hanover County Fire/Rescue. David attained certifications as a nationally certified fire investigator, emergency medical technician, and numerous additional certifications. Most recently, he was in the process of attaining his executive fire officer certification and was awarded his bachelor’s degree in organizational development from Mt. Olive College in October 2013.

He was lovingly known as “Wingnut” and “Torque Wrench,” referring to his character and work ethic. David was a firefighter of nearly thirty years, as well as a son and a brother. He is the reason his brother is a firefighter of twenty-eight years. Losing David has been extremely difficult, but the many blessings arising from his death have been tremendous.

Rest Easy, “Dabid.” Your baby brother has it from here. We all do. We love and miss you.

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  1. David always had a smile & friendly words to say…….never made me feel that I was just a volunteer. Ready to help me in any way he could. It was obvious the respect he was given & how close he was to his co-workers……they were his family. R.I.P. David

    – Celeste Pinyatello
  2. You were my dear son in law’s partner….and his friend. I felt that I knew you. I heard so many things about you. My most outstanding memory of Kevin’s descriptions of you was your great love for the fire department. He always spoke of your incredible energy and knowledge. You touched the lives of so many people…and I regret so very much that your life ended far too soon. But one day we shall meet again…and I know that where you are you are happy, carefree, and doing something that you love even more than training men and women to be excellent firefighters. Your family and friends miss you so very much. The legacy you left behind is what we all strive for…to be remembered with smiles and much love. We pray for comfort for your family always, as I know you would want us to do. The world lost a great man a year ago.

    – Jenese Miller
  3. David, you are missed everyday. Kevin thinks about you every morning, at breakfast time, because you always ate together. I miss having lunch with you. I miss your sense of humor. I swear, there wasn’t anything that I ever asked you, that you didn’t know something about. I know you are so proud of your Brother. He’s one of the strongest men I have ever known. We will never understand, this side of Heaven, why you were taken so soon. I know we will see you again one day. What a joyous day that will be!

    – Kellie McDonald
  4. Captain Heath was one of the most intelligent men I met in my career as a firefighter, and there were many. He was loyal to the cause, the Brotherhood meant everything to him. His knowledge and love for his Brother was unmatched. He truly cared and loved the profession. RIP MY GOOD FRIEND!!!

    – michael Peterson
  5. David: You done the profession proud, boy! Six Forks. The Chair. Mack trucks. The PowerWagon. You achieved a lot but your days here were too short. You will always be remembered, brother!

    – Mark Schell
  6. David, I don’t petsonally know you, but I know Will. He is very proud to be your Brother!!! To know the loyalty and love that he has for you is tremendous!!! I spoke with him shortly after your passing, and have never heard a sibling talk with such admiration for the other! He is truly blessed to be your brother. Rest easy and know he is carrying the Heath name with pride, loyalty, and dedication!!!

    – kathy spears
  7. I dated David for awhile. Met his parents one weekend at the lake. What I came to know, is David was not just loving the fire department, he was in love with the fire department and practically married to the fire department. His passion was big and very broad with one of the bravest teams in the world. He had such a nice smile. I was sad to learn of his death. David, there were things you said to me as we parted ways as friends that I will cherish forever. There will always be a special place in my heart for the friendship we had. May you rest in Gods forever peace. May his peace always surround your family, especially your little brother as he continues your passion. You are gone too soon. You used to love sunflower seeds. I hope you are surrounded by sunflowers now!!

    – Brenda Agner
  8. Don’t ask me how 10 years went by so fast my friend. You are still missed and thought of daily. I will always miss our talks and especially trying to outrun you to the fireboat. (They make medians for a reason!) Hoping eternity for you is as wonderful as we all hope it will be. Miss you brother.

    – Frank Sellers